Bobs Guzzi Bun Burner Gold


Back when the Minnesota LD Riders held the NOrthstar 1500, a 1500 mile 24 hour Bun Burner Gold world record attempt Bob Johnson and I both participated. Me on my '98 EV and Bob on his GL1100 Goldwing. Now, I'm betting up till that point Bob probably didn't appreciate how long legged the Guzzi was. While both bikes were 1100cc (the Guzzi is actually 1065 if memory serves) the pwoer level of both is really similar. Out on the interstate of I-94 the Guzzi really got a chance to stretch its legs. OK, tech info on the Guzzi. 4th gear is a .95 to 1 overdrive. The tranny though is a 5 speed. 5th gear is a .85 or so. Meaning, it has TWO overdrives. Which is why its meager 65 hp at the ground will still haul it up to 120+ mph (ACTUAL, not just indicated).
At the farthest point away from the start finish line, fo the loop, Bobs Wing blows a headgasket at only 125,000 miles on the engine. We limp into Rapid City, pulling over to add water and having everyone else pass us up.Once in Rapid we decide to pack it in. We'll find a place to park the Wing, pile onto the EV two-up and continue on I-90 till we get to Sioux Falls then turn north. Bob knows a guy in Rapid City, we call him up. he comes over with a truck, we load the wing, then load all of Bobs stuff onto the Guzzi. Did I mention it was COLD out? IT was REALLY cold. Bob makes the comment "Well, at least we'll stay warm". I respond "huh?" he says "You know, the heat from the engine". I shake my head "Oh, Bob, you are going to be very dissapointed. The Guzzi does not produce hardly any engine heat". We pile on, and head out, Right around Chaimberlain we see a tiny red dot in the distance. We come up on it, and find Jim Winterer STILL GOING, on his little SR500 Single Cyl Yamaha. At Sioux Falls I tell Bob, "Buddy, you can find a hotel room or aget a bus North, but no way am I heading to the barn while that SR500 is still going". Bob got back on and we finished the ride.
I"m betting that ride changed Bobs perspective about Guzzi at least a little bit.


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