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I had to toss some Easy-Riders that were sent to me on the last tour. I hate it when a half naked girl gets in the way of some cool part or detail on the bike anyways! I've received Wired, History Channel's Magazine, and a number of others. If I don't personally read it, I'm sure someone else in my office will.

Books are also great - we had a complete set of "Game of Thrones" books that has been passed around to almost everyone in the office. (even our German Soldiers are reading it.) Our only rule about that is that we can't talk about the books - because someone is always behind where you are in the series, and you can't spoil their reading by telling them who will die next! (I'm almost done with book 4 right now, so don't tell me about 5!) Most of the guys here like fantasy and sci-fi novels. The "Tom Clancy" type of books are a little too close to our daily routine for most of us, and the last thing we want to be reminded about it work when we crack open a book.

Coffee has no restrictions - except that it can't be decaf! We have a grinder here, but pre-ground is usually easier. I just store it in the freezer until we use it so it will keep a little better, but honestly, we're not that picky. Our coffee pot uses the Melitta #4 filters, but we're well stocked on those for at least a couple months. (Although, the way we go through coffee, we could always use more.) Coffee is the life-blood for our office. If we don't go through 3 pots each morning, then everyone must still be in bed sleeping! (Sipping on a cup of Dunkin Donuts right now... Carter no function coffee well without.)

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"Other people can talk about how to expand the destiny of mankind. I just want to talk about how to fix a motorcycle. I think that what I have to say has more lasting value." Robert M. Pirsig

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