yes no wife if no two up class


It was my wife's first rally and she had so much fun despite me kicking her in the face getting back on the bike at the last bonus. Then we get back, turn in our bonuses and amongst waiting for the awards we got told by the way there is one class. My wife was pissed and wanted to leave then!!! It wasn't like we were the only 2-up either. I paid an extra $40 for a t-shirt and meal. My beef is that we not told till AFTER we finished. The Rallymasters knew they were changing the rules ahead of time or they would have had Dave make trophies for all the classes. I guarantee if Jack and Marlene were there they would have blown gaskets!!!! This is not a good way to get new people interested in Rallying. So to answer your question Jayd, I would not have rode at all if I would have known that is was gonna be one class.

Posted on Feb 15, 2012, 10:36 AM
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