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Well, from someone who doesn't hate any make of bike, their both great bikes.. My suggestion is to hang around on a couple of the forums for each...

Truthfully, a good dirt rider can take any bike anywhere.. I still cringe a the riding I did with my 92' R100RS out in Colorado, riding through a few passes that weren't on the map and were nothing more than rock trails.. I got lucky I didn't crunch an exhaust..

I've taken my KLR out to the end of the trail on the Keeweenaw Peninsula in the UP, hearing the rocks kick up off the front tire and slam into the Moose engine guard, making me damned happy I spent that $75..

And I rode my 08' Wing everywhere I wanted to go on the mountain side at the Very Boring Rally, slightly off the seat, picking my way through the tents to the campsite I liked..

And I've ridden with guys on full blown dual sport bikes who won't go into half the areas I've ridden on street bikes..

As far as the DR/KLR/XR/KTM/Husky/BMW and everything else, it's what the rider wants for the majority of the riding he's going to do, and adjust for everything else.. They'll all do what you want, if you're willing to ride them..

You can ride a little DR200 anywhere if you're able.. But if you're going to spend 90% of the time riding county roads at 65 mph, there's a better choice out there.. happy.gif

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