Mr. Lunatic

by Johnny Rocko

How's things been ? It's been a long time since I posted here.

Made a different set of pipes for my '69 Trump yesterday.

Got the engine in place and all buttoned up, just need fuel, spark and good kicker leg to get her goin again.

I'll post some pics and maybe a quick video if I get the time.
This was a pic of the bike before everything went South
[linked image]
I didn't have 100 kms on her before the shit hit the fan.
[linked image]
This time I went down from 60 over to 40 on the pistons and jugs, did a complete re-rebuild on my kitchen table from top to bottom because when you loose chunks of ring on a fresh rebuild you know you screwed up happy.gif
My piston and barrel clearance was so loose that when I revved the snot out of it pulling out of a corner the rings on the left side popped out and got dragged between the skirt and the piston. Silver and black everywhere but hey ! at least I still made it home ridding on one cylinder.
Note also that I used cheap aftermarket off shore rings that never really felt good on the install.
I used Hepolite rings and a Hyde rebuild kit and the engine was completely rebuilt from top to bottom in 2 days.
Quality parts make all the difference that you can actually feel during the rebuild process.
No fighting for parts to fit be it a piston ring or a gasket, everything went off without a shadow of a doubt this time
I hope things are good, I'll post more pics of the rebuild and finished bike when it's all back together if you guys like.
Adios for now


Posted on Mar 18, 2012, 7:19 PM
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