ANy photos from today at the trail area?


that was fun! got to ride my dream bike, the DRZ400. Sure made my 250 seem anemic for the ride home though. The 400 feels JUST like the 250, but with a LOT more power. Perfectly controlable, civilized, useable power. No downsides to that bike at all. Other than having to find money to buy one, of course. I'll have to ride my 250 for a while more, but ooooh, I will have a DRZ400. Curse you Jeff!! (Shakes tiny fist).
Beth figured out how to make it up the hills with her 140 Kaw. Scott got comfortable on his KLR650, and Jayd shared a LOT of good riding tips, cooked up some REALLY tasty meat products, and generally was a great guide around the course. Great practice day. My back is a bit sore. I hit some minimum maintenance roads on the way back. Roads that were used on the Barn Bike Enduro two years ago. Fun day for sure, and only 70 miles total. I should have brought a camera, maybe got a shot of Nels in mid air on Behmers WR450


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