None are that easy on the Helix :)


I figure a 240 mile day on the Helix is like a 750 mile day on the KLR.. It's weird to spend an entire day with the throttle pinned, and today my back is barking at me.. I need Lapchik to made me a back rest.. Or at least strap a bag behind me when I ride it like that.. happy.gif

Yeah, they were the local easy ones, but I was riding by many of them anyway.. Might as well stop and get em' while they're prime for the taking!!

My goal for this year is 100.. And the "U" towns are tough and almost seem like solving some secret mystery.. happy.gif

And I'm taking my time and trying to find the nice photo ops.. Murals, or something out of the ordinary..

Posted on Apr 2, 2012, 8:21 AM
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