Off topic, about trucks, Diana I am looking at you


I was at an auction, recently, started bidding on a Semi Tractor, own it cheap, drove it home, hey I made it!

Anyhow, near as I can tell, Consolidated Freightways, Freightliner FLD 120? 1989 I think, no paperwork has arrived yet.

3208? Cat, has an inter-cooler, but very little options

7 speed Fuller I think, no ranges, Governor runs out at 65 MPH, seems to have a lot of power.

Radio nope,
Fuel guage, nope
oil guage, nope
A/c and heater, yes, and here is the surprise A/C works!Have not tried the heater.

Someone installed a newer air seat that works well,and is comfortable

Pretty Spartan, needs an exhaust pipe replaced under the cab

Has an air axle behind the driver, no spring up, kind of tricky to drive with no trailer, getting the right air pressure to keep the tag from sliding the brakes, and still not spin the wheels on the driver axle.The air axle has a knob by the seat,that you can adjust while driving,I don't think this is legal in South Dakota, need to change that.

Anyhow, any light you can shed on this mysterious truck would be nice.

Rides pretty rough with no trailer, but I am hoping to score a 30 foot grain trailer, my hauling generally is 10 miles or less, 650 legal bushels would streamline my operation!

Thanks in advance


Posted on Apr 15, 2012, 1:27 PM
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