Bonzai - finally


A few more things you should know as a Bonzai participant:

Forecast is for hot. Make sure you and your bike are prepped and ready for the task at hand.

Be prepared to show a valid drivers license with motorcycle endorsement, and proof of insurance on the motorcycle you are riding in the event. The card your insurance company issues will be adequate.

The local winter was kind to the deer herd. I have seen deer while riding this year, in places, and at times of the day, which I have never seen them before. Be very alert.

IF YOU ARE PARTICIPATING in the Grand Tour, bring your rally flag. There are a number of U S and A opportunities for you on the route sheet. Being in the Grand Tour will not factor in to your scoring on the rally - this year. Just a heads up that there will be opportunities for some Grand Tour locations in the rally.

Things seem to be in place. See you Saturday afternoon or evening.


Posted on May 24, 2012, 11:33 AM
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