by Red

On my mountain bike. I was crossing an intersection in town and didn't see these round things (big as a bowl) that serve some kinda traffic purpose and when I hit one it was like hitting a curb and down I went with my computer strapped to my back. Landed pretty hard and got road rash on both hands plus my right forearm, and my left leg and right shoulder are fairly sore now. An older couple pulled over and patched me up as the blood was a pourin' (thanks to blood thinners). He straightened my seat and handlebars but my front brake was useless and also lost a reflector. But I made it back home and my g-friend called just as I got in the door as I was supposed to meet her at Starbucks. Had a friend send a complaint about those stupid things and maybe they'll remove them.

Posted on Jun 4, 2012, 6:44 PM
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