Thanks Bill & Bonzai Staff

by Frump

Wanted to drag this thread back up to the top one more time to bestow more gratuitous appreciation to Bill and his staff.

Still thinking about the great time I had at the Bonzai. The GPS coordinates were helpful, most of the time... wished I had noticed them right away, hehe. Someday I will make it to expert class - then you folks better watch TF out because I'm going to get real serious... then... maybe, hehe. Until that time I'm just enjoying the ride and the GLMC club.

I had a nice ride with GT hunting on the way to the Rally with Big Johnson Saturday. After a little discourse Sunday morning, I got to spend pretty much the whole day riding with Dreamrider. I had a good time at the awards party Sunday night and then had great breakfast with Darryl, Bob, and Theresa Monday morning in Mineral Springs. On my way home with a little detour, I got to hang out with my younger bro Slim down in Ames for couple hours. All and all, it was a really terrific weekend.

My Bonzai Photos

Thanks Bill and Staff!!

Posted on Jun 5, 2012, 5:15 PM
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