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started out about 7:30 this morning in Silverthorne, CO. Headed up Loveland and right at the beginning a doe mule deer was standing in the road. She waited till Jean got a good look at her and then bounced off into the trees!!!! Not a bad start to the day. Got to the pass and it was cool and windy. We walked around the side of the peak and tucked in along some rocks and watched the sunrise over the Eisenhower Tunnel. Took off from the summit and put the bike in second gear. I didn't touch the gas or brake until the on ramp for the interstate. About 25-30mph no traffic behind us so we just coasted all the way to the bottom. happy.gif Now that's a good start.

Headed off to Glenwood Springs, CO to see "Doc" Holliday's gravesite. Fair warning to all be prepared for a 1/2 mile hike up a mountain goat trail. We made it to the cemetary and got to see a very nice view of the town and the memorial headstone. If I ever RM a multiday rally that is gonna be a bonus!!!!!! lol
We didn't make it to the hot springs Bob but we should have after that hike to see "Doc"

After our heart attack test we headed to Colorado NM. I can't remember who recommended this place when I posted suggestions for our route but they were right!!!!!!! It's 19 miles thru the park and it took us almost 2 hours for stopping and taking pics at so many overlooks. You could spend a day taking pics in that place!!!! The ride thru was even better than the view. Just one word...... twisties

We ended the day bringing 128 down to Moab, UT and once again an absolutely fantastic ride. Late after noon so we caught a couple of shaded spots in the canyon. We are officialy off the "super slab" until we come home from Colorado Springs next week!!! Tomorrow is Arches at sunrise and Canyonland after. Hopefully we can get down to Monticello for the night to set us up for the Moki Dugaway the next morning.

By the way Sleddog I think I'm learning where to go to wear the sidewalls on my tires a little more. happy.gif
and it's not

I will post some pics and a ride report when we get home.

stay tuned happy.gif

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