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Looking for disabled Vets in need of a sidecar. I have a 1200cc goldwing with leading link forks, and california sidecar. It is weathered and will need TLC (carbs cleaned, battery, seat recovered, paint, etc.) Stored outside as I couldn't move it indoors on my own. Giveaway price for disabled Vets only. $1.500.

CM450A with home built flatbed sidecar. Live axle, timken bearings, 1" square 1/8" wall tubing. I used this bike as my around town bike and would board by mounting onto the sidecar and then transferring to the seat. This one is badly weathered also, but has a pristine CM450C for parts to bring the CM450A up to speed. All chrome and paint is in exceptional condition on the CM4450C and severely weathered on the CM450A. Good title on the CM450A, lost title on the CM450C. AGAIN, priced for a disabled Vet at $1,000 for the works.

DO NOT low ball me as I need to raise money to make my house more disability friendly. This progressive neurological disorder has progressed to a working Quadriplegia status. (still have some arm and hand strength but can't grip the bars enough to use the brakes, nor can I transfer onto the goldwing anymore.) Heck if you want, give me more than I'm asking. It would help with remodeling the house. Over the next few months I'll be selling some Brit projects also. Tons of tools, christ, a entire garage packed with crap. Again, don't low ball. Been there, done that,will show you the door. Its taken three years just to come to terms with moving on.

I'm giving you guys first dibs. (second actually after the local VA disabled Vets.)

Posted on Jun 24, 2012, 2:31 PM
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