Re: Waxed cotton jackets?

by Bart

I'm on my second waxed cotton jacket made by Aerostich, their so-called Falstaff version of the Darien jacket When new, they shed rain very well without needing any additional waxing. I "re-waxed" my first one a few times over the years and it worked very well for me. Yes, they're warmer than the cordura Darien jackets, but I wore my Falstaff jacket throughout ButtLite II in extreme heat and survived quite well, thank you. The original jacket was cut off me by the EMTs when I had my really big accident in 2004.

I've got about 45K miles of use on my second jacket, have re-waxed it once. The wax is cheap and easy to apply. I would not hesitate to hit the road for days with no other rain gear along. They're not absolutely waterproof if you're riding in an all-day gully-washer rain storm, but then nothing is 100% waterproof if it rains hard enough and long enough.


Posted on Jul 14, 2012, 2:17 PM
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