nothing goes as planned


The cooker I was was going to borrow broke. sad.gif
But don't worry I bought a La Caja China!!!!! google it when you google FU for
I can only cook 100lbs in the box so we are going to split the hog and cook half of him each night!!!!!

So what you really want know is.....

We will serve dinner between 5-6pm (depending on how the little pig cooperates).

We will have....
roasted pork
my BBQ beans
my wifes cheesy potatoes
apple sauce and fresh pineapple if you like that sorta thing with your pork.. happy.gif

We will also have tea and lemonade.
BYOB on anything else.

There is a refrigerator and coolers available for other beverages

Sunday dinner 7pm/after you get done scoring

Roasted pork
Pulled pork sandwiches
and maybe a few hamburgers and hotdogs if someone is porked out.

Trying to work an angle on some pies but no guarantee yet

any leftover pork will dispersed evenly amongst all unlocked panniers and trunks no matter what emblem it has on it. happy.gif

Hope everyone can make it or an FJR might be loaded down on sunday. happy.gif

Posted on Aug 27, 2012, 11:40 PM
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