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  • The field road

    • Posted Aug 24, 2011 8:26 AM

      was great to ride on years ago, I rode bicycle,minibike,mini cycle and motorcycle on it for years safely............

      But now, thanks to kids with four wheel drive vehicles, as soon as it rains they are out there mudding, spending daddy's money and ruining my road.

      It is not even safe for me to take farm equipment on now, last night I was out scouting for bugs in my beans and got my Jeep caught sideways in a rut sad.gif

      I hope the creepy kids do not find that little meadow or it will be rutted up and filled with beer cans, I just live too close to town!

      Last week I was patrolling my property until 3 am hoping to catch the perps who drove through the corn fields, oh I don't want to send them to jail, but the conversation we would have had would not have been easy to forget, they did not show, lucky for them I guess.

      The disrespect of the next generation, has me a little concerned, and these guys are going to pay off our debt?
      It is because of people like this we are in the debt! The same kids shoot up all the road signs playing Rambo with their 10/22 Rugers, go back to your video games,at least that keeps you in the basement where you belong!

      Rant off, but the field road issue is one I face every day.

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