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  • I got hit by a car today
    • Lunatic
      Posted May 23, 2012 7:18 PM

      So, I was on the GT750, at the stop sight in front of my house on my way back to work today when I was rear ended by a car. Not a hard hit, but it knocked me forward a few feet. I kept it up right. I turn around and the kid give me the one handed 'oops' hand signal. I get off the bike and walk back to his window. In his right hand is his cell phone. Still lit up. I start cussing him out for driving while texting, talking on the phone while in traffic, and HITTING ME on my motorcycle. Another driver across the intersection hears and sees me yelling at the 'special snowflake' and yells at me to stop yelling and get on my bike and leave. I and the witnesses yell back that the car had hit me. He responds that he's going to file a report on me. I Say , Yes, please call the police. That would be helpfull.
      Police eventually show up, not due to him calling, but from the witnesses calling. Cops file report, kid gets cited for too short of a folowing distance or something minor like that. Bike is an easy fix, no need to turn into insurance.
      Tonight I get home and officer shows up again, I'm being charged with disorderly conduct. So, what is the correct language to use towards someone after they hit you with their car? Apparently no cussing. The witness that filed the report was an off duty cop, who didn't give a shit enough to stop and offer any help, just drove past and thinks he knows whats going on.
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