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  • Another motorcycle tagged by a car in front of my house

    • Posted Aug 28, 2012 8:17 PM

      I was coming up to my house tonight, saw the lights, Rider was up, bike up, parked. I walked out to check my mail and the rider yelled across for my attention. I walked over, and offered up my trailer to haul the bike to a shop or his house. He said the bike was fine, but the car had clipped his throttle side of the bars, and now the throttle was broken. I rolled it across to my garage, Jerry rigged a HD throttle onto his bars, and he was able to ride the bike over to the local Suzuki shop for proper repairs. Kind of freaked him out how easily and quickly I was able to cobble repairs so that he could ride it, but its that American ingenuity that has allowed me and a LOT of my friends to ride old worn out bikes for several decades past their usual service life.
      HE said the lady who tagged him was not on the phone, or anything, Just zombie-like drove right through the stop sign. Hw was ready for her and came REALLy close to avoiding her entirely, but she still caught the end of his bars. Good on him for keeping it upright.

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