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  • officially done with Standish, MI

    • Posted Sep 14, 2012 10:23 PM

      No correct guesses on where I'm mailing my pics from in the morning.

      Not your house John cause I'm not sure if I did get you but either way you and I have had a spectacular run at it this year!!!!!!!!

      I didn't start chasing you until after we had lunch in Illinois. I was serious when I said I was only in the 100's. After meeting you and seeing the shit eating grin on your face when we talked about the Grand Tour I decided I was gonna try and run you down. I couldn't just let you go and have all the fun. happy.gif

      Besides your Aerostitch jacket looks like it could go another

      either way I have had the ride of my life this year and no points can take that away.

      But it would be fun to beat The Great John Frick

      I don't know how you have done it so many years in a row? My ass is tired!!!!

      heading to the hottub downstairs then transfer my pics and spreadsheet to an SD card.

      Just have to make it to the Super Secret mailing location by noon.

      Was gonna get Ubly and about ten more tonight but the wind is crazy and it's 45 degrees so best just to call it quits.

      The fat Lady is warming up. happy.gif
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