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Going to try getting some PPC activity started

November 25 2017 at 7:19 PM
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Alan  (Login AlaninVermont)

I'm involved with a shooting club in NW Vermont, The Sportsman's Club of Franklin County (scfcvt.org). Back in the late 70s-early 80s the club hosted both PPC & Handgun Metallic Silhouette events. I shot in both disciplines, if there's gunpowder and lead involved what's not to like?

Fast forward to the present. I'm not sure when, or exactly why, both those games fell by the wayside, not just at SCFC but statewide. There is one (small) group shooting in Derby, VT, at least they were a couple years ago but that's it.

The club is now hosting IDPA & USPSA (I think that's right) events along with a few other events of the currently popular "action shooting". Those are fine, still gunpowder & lead and they keep people shooting.

I'm going to try doing something with PPC on our 50' indoor range this winter. Biggest issue I'm going to have to deal with is that the club has deteriorated to where nobody wants to do anything to make things happen so I'll be on my own for the most part. We have range room to set up outdoors through the summer but running events is more than a single person can do and still hope to shoot as well.

Any one else here from the Northern VT area?

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(Login spEKTre)

Re: Going to try getting some PPC activity started

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November 26 2017, 4:59 AM 

10 Years ago when I first joined my club there was only one range working, all the target turners were broken and nobody bothered to fix anything because there was still the one range working. It took myself and a mate who joined at the same time 6 months to get the Falling Plate range opened back up and from there we went on a spree repairing everything to the point now that its 100% functional. I guess my advice is not to do all the work yourself but to get enthused shooters with some motivation and clear goals because doing it all yourself will burn you out, perhaps try and get a few busy bee's going and set an open date for a shoot so you have something to work for.

As for running events I just went to a 4 day National here in Western Australia for Action Pistol and the key was that everyone digs in and ranges, spots and helps put up targets and picks up brass. Nothing worse than seeing 50 blokes sit down and expect to have the match run for them, I went to one club in the hills and saw the culture there...sit back and chat while 2 people do all the work. I was a guest so I pitched in but man I wanted to shout out to those leeches to get off their butts and help out but I held my tongue..never went back there btw.

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(Login dan38ppc)


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December 7 2017, 4:37 PM 

as you can see, not much interest here. your best bet, would go to the nra website, and see what ppc events might be in your area. you might find something in driving distance. my driving is 2 1/2 to 4 hrs to shoot ppc. good luck, have fun, be safe.....dan

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(Login kcken)

Re: ppc

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January 24 2018, 2:03 PM 

Finally got back on the forum - could not get through for awhile. Anyway, check with the NRA Action Pistol division about getting PPC matches Sanctioned for Civilians. We have been doing it here in the Kansas City area for a little over 2 years - average turnout is 10-15 shooters per match. Hardly any LE ever show up. We conducted LEAD Sanctioned PPC matches for many years and I could count the number of LE on 1 hand. So, too much paperwork for no support from the shooters.

Give Civilian PPC 1500 a try.

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Pete Luton
(Login PL3855)

Civilian PPC

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April 9 2018, 10:48 AM 

Hi kcken,
Greetings from England.
We started civilian PPC (we called it European 1500) in 1984 and it grew from 1 match that year to 20 matches in just a couple of years. Unfortunately, when they banned pistols over here in 1997 it all came to a halt. I wanted to shoot PPC since 1978 after reading about the match in the American Rifleman. In 1979, a guy called Massad Ayoob came over to shoot at one of our International pistol matches. He had a Ron Power PPC revolver and allowed me to try it. After the competition I got on to Ron but he said he didn't have export facilities. I got on to Bill Davis (when it was the Cake Davis Company) and before the end of '79 I had got myself a PPC revolver. The cost at the time was $325 and because of the strong pound I ended up paying £200 including shipping (and a free stop watch).
The Germans took it up after about 2 years and then it got picked up by Belgium and Holland. Later, after we could no longer shoot it, it was picked up by lots more countries but we were the first in Europe. Over the years we had lots of American here to shoot our match at Bisley including Bill Davis himself, Marc Cobb, Jerry Eason, Jack Ragsdale. I took part in the Mid-Winter Nationals hosted by the Tampa Police R & P Club in 1989 and won Match 5 Expert(industrial) and came 2nd overall in that class. Several other members of my Club also won prizes in other classes. I really do miss those times when we could shoot pistol over here and especially the PPC Match.

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