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MastroNet Pleased to Add Derek to our Team!!

January 18 2003 at 12:01 PM
Doug Allen  (no login)

Mastronet is very pleased to add Derek to our team of hobby experts. I thought it appropriate that I post to cut off any misconceptions out there. We are not starting a grading service! Derek will be responsible for acquisitions. For us that means attaining quality material for our auctions and helping us to continue to improve the quality of the auctions. Derek is very well respected in the industry and has great hobby contacts that will help us expand our reach into the attics and safes of the East Coast. Many don't know that Derek is also knowledgable about Presidential material which fits great into our Americana division. This ensures that with Kevin on the West Coast and Derek on the East Coast we have in our opinion the top two and most respected vintage/graded card specialists in the industry.

Regarding SCG, our firm has always been supportive of them and believe they have a quality product. One would be foolish to think Derek is not a big loss to them, but they do have a team of capable graders who have trained under Derek and I am sure they will still put out a quality product.

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January 18 2003, 12:36 PM 

"Regarding SCG, our firm has always been supportive of them and believe they have a quality product."

If this is the case can we see more Sgc product featured in future auctions? At least those in the
new holders!


(Login PSAKID)

Thanks for the Clarification

January 18 2003, 1:12 PM 

So he will only cover the east coast? Or is there not much in the way of attic finds in the western half of the US? Just curious.


(no login)

Re: Thanks for the Clarification

January 18 2003, 1:25 PM 

From what I understand, Kevin is very teritorial and has has two six shooters that says Derk won't be passing west of the Rockies. Frankly, I a-fear to venture south of Oregon Territory myself.

Doug Allen
(no login)


January 18 2003, 2:02 PM 

The comment about the West Coast was less for contacts he has and more for (1) Calls we get on the East Coast to look at up Ron Oser who is buried and (2)Give us a presence at local East Coast shows...currently we are only at Ft Washington and would like to expand this.

Regarding SGC cards. This is market driven. We are responsible to get the most for our customers. Right, wrong or indifferent generally high grade PSA cards that grade "8" or above sell for in PSA holders than SGC or GAI. I am sure there are examples to the contrary, but this is generally the truth.

When it comes to rare type cards and obscure issues I don't see much of a difference so when Leon finally breaks down and consigns his 4 base hit card the SGC holder it is in is perfect. Also when BMW lets me run that incredible Cobb Uzit card I would be happy to run it in the PSA holder or convert it over to SGC. That card is a great example. Since it is not Nrmt/Mt it wouldn't matter what holder it is in it would sell for a lot of money.

(no login)

Re: Territory

January 18 2003, 2:16 PM 

So this is one of those 'work from home' deals. I tried that once but, frankly, licking envelopes was not as glamorous as the brouchure advertised.

Jay Miller
(no login)

Re: Territory

January 18 2003, 2:27 PM 

Please forgive my thinking in public but I don't understand the rationale for Derek leaving SGC and going to Mastronet. At SGC, the best or at worst second best grading company, Derek was the key employee. When I thought of having a vintage card graded, right or wrong, I thought it would take on added value because Derek graded it. I don't mean to denegrate the other graders there. They may be every bit as good as Derek, but that was my (and I'm sure others) perception. I assume that SGC makes good money and I would hope that Derek was compensated accordingly. Now Derek leaves and goes to Mastronet with the responsibility of sourcing material. Is Derek the most knowledgeable vintage professional on the East Coast--No? There are two more knowledgeable people already in the Mastro organization--Rob Lifson and Ron Oser. So what I am struggling with, trying to make sense out of this all, is why Derek is more valuable to Mastro than he is to SGC.

(no login)

Re: Re: Territory

January 18 2003, 2:42 PM 

Maybe Derek just wanted to focus on HIS best interests and be in a position that makes HIM happy at whatever company that can offer that to him.

If everyone pays for the grader then why didn't every PSA holder pop open and all those cards find homes in GAI holders when Baker left?

Brian H
(no login)

Derek Grady, Mastronet and SGC

January 18 2003, 3:00 PM 

From an economic standpoint Jay of course speaks the truth. But I can't even imagine grading all of those cards relentlessly day after day ..... (it reminds me of Newman on "Seinfeld" complaining about how the mail never stops). And those cards were hardly all interesting like Leon's 4 Base Hits.

To me Derek's reputation was one of integrity which is a valuable commodity for Mastronet as it was for SGC. I'm assuming his parting from SGC was amicable and that the people he has been training are up to the task and to the standard he has set.... Certainly I'll give them a more than fair try with my T-cards.

Doug Allen
(no login)

Contact me

January 18 2003, 3:26 PM 

I started this string so I feel compelled to check it out so that I am not seen as non-responsive. That is why I stopped posting on these public forums a long time ago. I simply wanted to clarify the number of calls I got regarding our starting a grading service which we are not.

If you have any specific questions for me feel free to e-mail me at

(no login)

Pete, I think that you hit the nail on the head.

January 18 2003, 4:33 PM 

I would bet that Derek's decision to change jobs is based upon what he thinks will make him happy. Compensation is certainly part of the equation, but there are surely other factors. I have always wondered how someone could sit in a dark room day after day, hour after hour, and grade baseball cards for a living. It seems like there would definitely be some sort of burnout factor after a while.

I remember talking to Kevin Struss when he left SCP to join Mastronet. He had nothing but good things to say about SCP, but thought that Mastronet offered him a needed change of pace. I would bet that Derek is in a similar position.

Was Derek important to SCG? Of course, but SGC will surely be fine without him. People are buying SGC cards because of their entire package, not just Derek Grady. As long as they continue to put out a solid product, SGC will keep growing.

I would like to than Derek for the great job that he did at SGC and wish him all the luck with his new endeavor.

Brian C Daniels
(no login)

Doug-End it All now!!! Post a picture of Spencer with Dog!

January 18 2003, 9:37 PM 

that ought to do it! PSAkids comment was devoid of reading that both men named had "contacts" not a comstock map of "Granpah Attics" not yet explored for bogus blue eyed Wagners ET that devided these here United States of America!

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