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sportscards plus auction

November 1 2003 at 3:26 PM
david  (no login)

the new auction catalog just arrived in the mail today. does anyone else think that a lot of the psa graded t206's seem very short. the top border of the plank looks very suspect

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scott brockelman
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November 1 2003, 7:27 PM 

what exactly looks suspect about it? this is THE same card as lot 203 from the copeland auction, don't look at the plate in the catalogue, it's cropped too tight. on the back page and better photo is available, although partially obscured by a world series press pin. it hasn't changed since 1991.


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It's an optical illusion

November 1 2003, 7:56 PM 

I've noticed this about t206's in PSA7 holders - many of them seem to look short, especially the HOF'ers and rare cards.

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Scott B-are they all cropped like that?

November 2 2003, 11:03 PM 

is it the scan or photo that makes them look short because they do to me as well?

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Brian - the optical illusion is even more pronounced

November 2 2003, 11:45 PM 

...when your're actually holding a PSA7 t206 in your hand.

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Scott F

November 3 2003, 1:21 AM 

Where is the door knocker?

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Re: Scott F

November 3 2003, 11:53 AM 

here is a link to two psa cards in the auction including the plank, both seem very short in the holders

jay behrens
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Re: Re: Scott F

November 3 2003, 2:51 PM 

The top boarder certainly does look suspect and sure is a nice stain on the back. Didn't know you could get a NM great with a big, fat stain?



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November 3 2003, 11:25 PM 

NM on card with a big stain on the back? It all depends on who is submitting the card. If it were you or I, it would be a PSA 5.

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Also, I hate to mess with the experts,but

November 3 2003, 11:28 PM 

I don't see why the fact that it was in the '91 Copeland auction would mean it wasn't trimmed - the famous t206 Wagner was chopped down to size prior to that, so it's not like the folks at PSA hadn't learned their trade by then.

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