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late 30s early 40s Cubs Photo Pack questions

March 19 2008 at 11:08 PM
Alan Elefson  (Login aelefson)

I recently acquired a photo pack from 1939-1940 of the Chicago Cubs. It was my understanding that these were issued at the ballpark, however my pack came in an envelope (please see scan) from the Andy Lotshaw Co. I googled the name and discovered he was the Cubs trainer from the early 1920s through the early 1950s. However, I could find no mention of his company (admittedly I am not the best online researcher). In this envelope there were 24 pictures, including several that are uncatalogued in either the 1939 or 1940 sets (Standard Catalog). Below is a scan of the envelope, as well as an Al Todd (uncatalogued). I will post the remaining uncatalogued pictures and the list tommorrow.
I was wondering if any one has seen a similar envelope or has any uncatalogued 1939/1940 issues? Big thanks to Dave S for his help identifying the year of issue and the unlisted players! Thank you in advance for any information.
Alan Elefson

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(Login fkw)

Re: late 30s early 40s Cubs Photo Pack questions

March 20 2008, 3:53 AM 

I dont think your photos are the same as the Cubs Picture Packs. Your photos have a background, while most of the picture pack photos have a whited out style background.

Yours may be something the trainer sent out for fans, his own company distributing Cubs Photos. ???


Chris Counts
(Login ccmcnutt)

late 30s early 40s Cubs Photo Pack questions

March 20 2008, 8:30 AM 

I just checked a Larry Fritsch catalog and it shows a Cubs team-issued photo of Bobby Mattick that looks just like yours without the studio background. Unfortunately, it doesn't give date. Based on the players (Todd arrived in '40 and Mattick left in '41), though, they look like they came out in 1940. Curiously, there are no active Cubs in the 1939-41 Play Ball sets. I've heard this was because the Cubs considered Gum Inc. competition to both Wrigley Gum and their various team issued sets ...

Alan Elefson
(Login aelefson)

Thanks, and more scans!

March 20 2008, 9:26 AM 

Thank you very much for the information posted thus far! Here are a couple additional scans of photos from the pack. One shows Del Dallasandro and the other shows Gabby Hartnett. I will post a list of all the players found in the envelope as well as additional scans later today. Thanks again for all of the help!
Alan Elefson

(Login boxingbaseballgolf33)

late 30s early 40s Cubs Photo Pack questions

March 20 2008, 9:49 AM 


There are so many different picture packs out there that are uncataloged; some were distributed in a number of places. Yes, you could get them at the stadiums, but even by mail and other places of business. We were looking at a Yankees picture pack at the last show when you showed me the HOF piece. We could not find it at all, but it was from the early 60s, because of the players listed. If you need an idea of price, just go look at what maybe similar in size that maybe cataloged.

Take Care


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Alan Elefson
(Login aelefson)

2 more scans and a request

March 20 2008, 11:56 PM 

Here are two more scans of the 1939/1940 Cubs photos I recently acquired (Galan and Raffensberger). Also, here is a list of all 22 (I thought I had 24 previously) photos in the envelope I purchased. Does anyone have any of these players' 1939 or 1940 Cubs team issue photo for comparison? I would love to see if all of these are different, or only the 9 that are not catalogued in 1939-1940 Cubs photo issues. Any additional information is greatly appreciated!
Alan Elefson
1. Al Todd
2. Bob Collins
3. Dom Dallasandro
4. Gabby Hartnett
5. Ken Raffensberger
6. Billy Rogell
7. Vern Olson
8. Bill Nicholson
9. Jake Mooty
10. Larry French
11. Stanley Hack
12. Augie Galan
13. Vance Page
14. Phil Cavarretta
15. Rip Russell
16. Hank Leiber
17. Bill Lee
18. Bobby Mattick
19. Claude Passeau
20. Jim Gleason
21. Charlie Root
22. Billy Herman

Tim Newcomb
(Login timn1)

Hi Alan

March 21 2008, 12:11 PM 

I have about eight of the photos you're describing (all 8 are on your checklist)-- no idea where I got them. I guess you could call them "1939 Cubs alternate picture-pack" -- probably distributed directly by Lotshaw rather than given out at the stadium.

The photos are definitely different from the 1939 Cubs Picture Packs.

The really neat thing about your find is the envelope, which would now allow someone to posit a checklist and name the set in a future edition of a catalog. SCD, are you on the case?

The other piece of info I can add is that Lotshaw as trainer appears in at least a couple of the earlier picture-packs-- 1931 for sure.

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Jodi Birkholm
(Login JBirkholm)

Re: late 30s early 40s Cubs Photo Pack questions

March 21 2008, 12:17 PM 

I'm not familiar with Bob Collins that Alan has listed as #2 in the series? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Alan Elefson
(Login aelefson)

Re: late 30s early 40s Cubs Photo Pack questions

March 21 2008, 12:29 PM 

Thanks Tim! I will email Don F (standard catalog guy) this weekend with scans and the list. Jodi, I believe the Collins is also known as Rip Collins (big thanks to Dave S for player identifications!), if that helps. Thank you for everyone's posts thus far! I would love to obtain any additional information. Also, if you have photos that look like this (but not on the list I posted), please post them! I wonder how many are in the "set"?
Thanks again,
Alan Elefson

Jodi Birkholm
(Login JBirkholm)

Re: late 30s early 40s Cubs Photo Pack questions

March 21 2008, 12:44 PM 

I just figured out that it must be Rip, then I saw your reply! Rip's final season with the Cubs was '38, if that is any help. I'll check out the other players in the set for the exact year.

EDIT: I didn't go too in-depth with my search, but wanted to add that Olsen's rookie season was 1939. So was Raffensberger's, but he only pitched in one game that year, with the Cards. 1940 was his first full MLB season, and he was then with the Cubs. Could this series have been issued over a three-year stint?

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don fluckinger
(Login SCD_Don)

standard catalog

March 24 2008, 1:05 PM 

>SCD, are you on the case?


Tony Gordon
(Login FrankChance)

Cool Stuff!!

March 24 2008, 3:09 PM 

I find it interesting that the addresses of Andy Lotshaw's company and the recipient of the photos are located much closer to Comiskey Park than Wrigley Field. According to my grandfather, a resident of Chicago's South Side from 1908 to 1940 (huge Sox fan) and who has long since died, there weren't too many Cub fans down that way.

I checked the Illinois Secretary of State's website for information on the Andy Lotshaw Company but came up empty. The Secretary of State's archives unit may have something, I'll send them an email.

I found this great photo of Andy Lotshaw, please follow the link (I don't know how to cut and past photos into these messages):

Great stuff!!

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