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Greg Ecklund
(Login Gecklund311)

Re: 1920 Peggy's Popcorn Cards

December 20 2008, 12:20 AM 

That was exactly my point about Gandil, and why the date of the issue seems inconsistent. It makes little sense that Vance would be in a set until sometime in 1922 at the earliest, when he started pitching for the Dodgers. At that point it would make little sense for Gandil to be in the set as he was out of baseball and tainted by scandal in 1922. That would make the case for this being a multi year issue as those two being in the same set in the same year is doubtful.

The pinstripes don't really make the case for that photo being Vance either as the Dodgers of that era also had uniforms with pinstripes. IMO Jeff's original post is correct and that is Burleigh Grimes - it definitely isn't Vance.


(Login DCWD)

does the article answer any of these questions???

December 20 2008, 10:01 AM 

are the cards stamped peggys popcorn on the back?
where did this set originate from?
why vance with wrong photo on a 1920 issue?
why gandil on an issue after 1920?
why multiple year issue player on such a small set?
are these strip cards?

Richard Masson
(Login Yomass)

Re: 1920 Peggy's Popcorn Cards

December 20 2008, 1:56 PM 

I have not seen the printed article, but hopefully it has a scan of a card reverse (my scanner just blew up-Merry Christmas!). The issuer is identified as "The Peggy Popcorn and Food Products, Ltd." and a street address in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The street address existed from 1903, when the building was constructed, to 1929, when the building was renumbered. It was a multiple tenant building.

The Peggy Popcorn Company, F.A. Sigesmund, proprietor (or a variation thereof) appears in the Henderson Directory (a Winnepeg business directory at the time) from 1922 to 1927, each year at a different address. Sigesmund is sometimes described as a candy manufacturer. Each year, the company has a different address, always in the same part of town, but nothing definitively ties Peggy Popcorn to the Market Street address. These facts are consistent with the assumption that the company began at that address before 1922.

The Gleason card also implies a 1920 issue date, as he is the manager of the pennant winner the previous year and there would be little reason to include him after 1921. The Vance is the one card that is somewhat inconsistent with a 1920 (or early 1921) issue date. It is a different size than the other cards and could easily have been produced later.

These cards are a fascinating mystery. They may pre-date all the candy issues in Canada (Dominion, Paterson, Maple Crispette, etc.). But until a second cache is found, or some other documentation is located, we may never definitively know the story behind these cards. Mr. Sigesmund passed away in 1975.

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Bottom of the Ninth
(Login BOTN)

Re: 1920 Peggy's Popcorn Cards

December 20 2008, 3:00 PM 

Thankfully I got my SGC magazine today since neither Jeff nor BMW were responding to inquires posted. Here is a link to the 3 page article. Hope it is ok to post this.



(Login hobby_stump)

Re: 1920 Peggy's Popcorn Cards

December 20 2008, 4:22 PM 


Thank you for posting the article. There were various versions of it that were written (by myself and others) and I was unsure which one was going to make its way into the SGC Collector Magazine. In any case, I hope it answers some of the recent questions that were posted here. I think it makes more sense for Net54'ers to read the print version rather than rewriting all of it again for the forum and since I have not yet received the magazine, I appreciate your help.

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(Login hobby_stump)

1920 Peggy popcorn cards

December 20 2008, 4:45 PM 

Here are some larger scans of the reverses of #7 Babe Ruth and #16 Dazzy Vance.

As noted in the article, the text is the same on the back of each card with the exception of #3 Gandil, which is missing the word "ball".



(Login E93)

Re: 1920 Peggy's Popcorn Cards

December 20 2008, 4:55 PM 

My first thought was that it was a multi-year issue, but if it were, one would assume that more would have survived. Multi-year issues tend to be large ongoing productions.


(Login hrbaker)


December 20 2008, 5:09 PM 

Thanks for posting the article. With the backs undated as far as I can tell, 1920 is a pretty specific date for no more than we seem to know about them.


peter ullman
(Login ullmandds)

Re: 1920 Peggy's Popcorn Cards

December 20 2008, 5:26 PM 

they all appear to be me. maybe these were a few possible designs for the cards which my or may not have ever been made. super cool...i love them...especially the long,skinny vance.

(Login PaulPaulPaul)

Re: 1920 Peggy's Popcorn Cards

December 20 2008, 5:34 PM 

This is a really strange set. As far as I can tell, no two card fronts have the same design.


(Login fkw)

Re: 1920 Peggy's Popcorn Cards

December 20 2008, 5:49 PM 

Ive seen these before, always thought they looked similar to another Canadian issue, the V117 Maple Crispette cards, especially with some of the photos and the use of just the last names on some. The V117's are from 1923.


(Login DCWD)

Re: 1920 Peggy's Popcorn Cards

December 20 2008, 5:52 PM 

greg thanks for posting the article.


Dan Bretta
(Login slidekellyslide)
Network 54 Moderator

Re: 1920 Peggy's Popcorn Cards

December 20 2008, 7:09 PM 

The images look like those used for a Spalding or Reach guide.


(Premier Login leonl)
Network 54 Moderator

FC-unc.... Food, Canadian- uncatalogued

December 20 2008, 8:34 PM 

Thanks for sharing, guys. As a type collector this is especially interesting information. Their "look", although not exactly like any others, has similar characteristics to some other Canadian issues..V117 and Vancouver Peanuts come to mind quickly..regards


dan mckee
(Login danmckee)

Re: 1920 Peggy's Popcorn Cards

December 21 2008, 11:12 AM 

Great article! The fronts look like they were created from newspaper images. I wonder if the actual Popcorn company may have created these themselves back then from newspaper images, hence why they are different sizes. Dan.


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