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Pre1925 Top 35 List

December 21 2008 at 9:42 PM
Tim Kindler  (Login abbatachio)

A couple of weeks ago I was laid up with Strep Throat and the Flu. In my boredom, I was reading Joe Orlando's Top 100 Sportscards of All-Time book. Overall, I find it pretty good reading. Anyway, I came up with this idea to compile my own list of the top Pre 1925 cards. I tried to keep it small, but it quickly became too hard to squeeze to 25, so I made it 35!

I based my Top 35 on 5 Criteria: 1. Apperance 2.Popularity 3.Rarity 4. Value-Both Historically and Monetary 5. Envy, Desire, and One's dream of owning knowing most of us will never own one.

This list is just for kicks and giggles and just wanted to see what others think about it. Do you agree? Am I crazy for including some? Am I crazy for leaving some off, and which ones? I thought it would be fun here at the end of the year while everyone else has some sort of top whatever list! ENJOY!

1.T206 Wagner
2.E90-1 Jackson
3.T206 Cobb Green Backed
4.M101-5 Ruth
5.Craker Jack Jackson
6.N28 Cap Anson
7.T205 Cobb
8.T206 Johnson Portrait
9.T3 Cobb 1
10.E90-2 Wagner
11.Craker Jack Cobb
12.D304 Brunner's Bread Cobb
13.T227 Cobb
14.T206 Plank
15.T210 Jackson
16.N172 OJ $10,000 Kelly
17.T204 Ramly Johnson
18.M101-5 Thorpe
19. E94 Cobb-Purple Bkgd.
20. Tip Top Wagner
21. 1914 Baltimore News Ruth
22.1910 Obak Weaver
23.Cracker Jack Mathewson- Throwing
24.T222 Fatima G.C. Alexander
25.E98 Mathewson- Red Bkgd.
26.E97 Sullivan Boston Error
27.1911 Mack E104 Nadja/Various Backs
28.E102 Wagner- Batting
29.T205 Mathewson
30.E121 Ruth- Holding Bird
31.T202 Hassan Triple Folder Cobb
32.N172 OJ Ewing and Mascot
33. E95 Plank
34.N172 OJ Delehanty
35.T205 Hoblitzell No Stats

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(Premier Login leonl)
Network 54 Moderator

nice list

December 21 2008, 11:16 PM 

Hi Tim
Nice list. A board member and I were discussing a Top 20 Pre-War cards very recently but I don't remember each one we had on it, exactly. Everyone can have their own ideas on this subject and I doubt any would be wrong.
I would add a few to the list, and I am sure I will leave some great ones out...

1. N690 Four Base Hits Kelly
2. N-Unc Just So Cy Young
3. N690 Kalamazoo Bats Ewing
4. N172 Anson in uniform
5. H-Unc 1869 Peck and Snyder Red Stockings
6. E107 Wagner
7. E107 Mathewson
8. E224 Texas Tommy Jackson
9. E137 Zeenut Thorpe
10.N370 Comisky
11.E223 Reach and Spalding

12.D381 Wagner (personal favorite..not in the same value range)
etc, etc...

*I reserve the right to come back and add a few more.


(Login OldJudge)

Re: Pre1925 Top 35 List

December 22 2008, 12:02 AM 

Here is my top 10 list of pre-war cards:

1. T206 Wagner
2. Baltimore News Ruth
3. Anson in Uniform
4. Just So Young
5. T210 Jackson
6. Rare Third N172 Pose of Harry Wright (Explained in OJ Book)
7. Four Base Hits Kelly
8. Kelly N172 Players League Card
9. E107 Mathewson
10. N173 Kelly in Street Clothes

Honorable Mention: T206 Plank, Ramley Johnson, N167 Ewing

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