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Price of T206 Wagner forecast

December 22 2008 at 11:07 PM
Scott B.  (Login bond73)


Most people's 401k portfoilos are at least 1/3 less than a year ago. And

gas price goes back down to $1.xx/gallon which was the price around 5 years ago. I wonder whether the T206 Wagner price will go back down to $50k range (Of course, I mean a PSA-1 or SGC-10)

The next T206 Wagner in REA April auction will tell us how will the market response to this financial crisis. (Of course, I hope the economy will pick up again in 2 months and everything will go back to "normal" like a year ago.)

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(Login crazysc)

I don't see it

December 22 2008, 11:18 PM 

I'm sure, all things being equal, there are less buyers in a down market for a piece like a Wagner than in a hot market. There are simply fewer people able to spend six figures on a baseball card.

But considering how rare they are - it doesn't take many people to move the market. It's not a very well established market, so it's difficult if the card sells for 20% less to determine if that is natural market fluctuations or a correction.


(Login E93)

Re: Price of T206 Wagner forecast

December 23 2008, 12:05 AM 

There is no chance the T206 Wagner would go to 50k again. There are 25 dealers who would pay three times that much at least. My guess is that we will not see one that is not completely beat to hell for less than 200k and a decent looking PSA 1/SGC 10 will probably stay in the 250-350 range, give or take a little. I have not seen a big drop off on super high dollar cards yet.

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