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Cap anson Auto in REA

April 24 2009 at 7:14 PM
Jamie  (Login blunder19)

How rare is a Cap Anson signed baseball card?.. granted this is an insert and not a preware card of his... but still I have never seen an auto card from him before... anyone have any Anson Auto's they could post about.. I am also curious as to price you might have paid for yours as I am thinking about scooping up this treasure..

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(Login prewarsports)

Re: Cap anson Auto in REA

April 24 2009, 9:24 PM 

Anson on a cut is maybe $1200-$2000 depending on condition, whereas a nice letter or something is somewhere between $2500-$4000 or so. While there has never really been any consistancy among the authenticators on this regard, many of the Anson signatures while he was Clerk were secretarial signed.



(Login dereb12)

Re: Cap anson Auto in REA

April 25 2009, 1:04 AM 

There won't be more than a few of these Anson cards. Much rarer than the Ruths and Cobbs versions.


(Login dereb12)

Re: Cap anson Auto in REA

April 25 2009, 2:46 PM 

Per Rhys, I had a Chicago City Clerk letter with both a secretarial and genuine Anson signature on it.

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(Login HistoryofBaseballFan)

Re: Cap anson Auto in REA

April 27 2009, 1:14 PM 

I could be wrong, but I seem to recall a Legendary Cuts Cap Anson being sold on ebay for something like $7-$10,000 a long time ago. That was when those cat autographed cards were selling for ridiculous amounts of money.

(Login hexsheroes)

Current REA 2009 auction . . .

April 27 2009, 1:47 PM 

. . . has a number of Upper Deck "autograph" cards.
As of Friday, April 24, bids on several were as such:

LOT #1068 Cap Anson Upper Deck Signature Card ("1/2")_______BIDS: 12 ___ CURRENT BID: $ 2,250.00
LOT #1069 Ty Cobb Upper Deck Signature and Bat Card________BIDS: 11 ___ CURRENT BID: $ 1,100.00
LOT #1071 Honus Wagner Upper Deck Signature Card ("1/24")___BIDS: 5 ____ CURRENT BID: $ 500.00
LOT #1072 Jimmie Foxx Upper Deck Signature Card____________BIDS: 6 ____ CURRENT BID: $ 600.00
LOT #1075 Roger Maris Upper Deck Signature Card ("18/73")____BIDS: 7 ____ CURRENT BID: $ 700.00
LOT #1077 Mickey Mantle Upper Deck Signature Card ("6/8")____BIDS: 8 ____ CURRENT BID: $ 800.00
LOT #1080 Judge Landis Upper Deck Signature Card ("2/4")_____BIDS: 10 ___ CURRENT BID: $ 1,000.00
LOT #1081 Jimmie Foxx Upper Deck Signature Card ("11/16")____BIDS: 9 ____ CURRENT BID: $ 900.00

To me, several seem excessively priced. Full Cobb checks, and the rarer 3x5 and GPCs can occassionally be had for less than the current bid of $1,100. Yes, I understand that price is not purely for the autograph, but for an item with a "fabricated" scarcity. And some of the items seem reasonably priced, for the autograph cut they contain. Depends on your preference as a collector.

Just my two-cents worth.



(Login dereb12)

Re: Cap anson Auto in REA

April 27 2009, 2:09 PM 

Their market values are that they are viewed as autographs and baseball cards, not just autographs. At the least, this attracts card collectors who don't ordinarily collect autographs.

(Login perezfan)

Re: Cap anson Auto in REA

April 27 2009, 2:46 PM 

I hate the way that a significant portion of the autos get cut off. It looks as if they did not carve out a big enough window to "display" the autograph within the card. Some are better executed than others, but there are very few of these which I prefer to just the autographs themselves.

To each his own, I suppose...


Greg Ecklund
(Login Gecklund311)

Re: Cap anson Auto in REA

April 27 2009, 4:14 PM 

They cut up items like Hall of Fame Postcards and signed photos sometimes too...I have even seen a Perez Steele or two. That makes no sense at all...aren't there enough George Kelly cut or 3x5 autographs out there that you don't have to destroy a postcard that other people collect?

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