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peter ullman
(Login ullmandds)

Re: THE MONSTER - "Making Noise"

April 27 2009, 4:30 PM 

phil...a word of caution...about 8 years ago I sold my t206 drum backed Solly Hofman card for a little over 1K...I used these funds to buy a nice leather recliner. new kitten at the time...proceeded to scratch/chew the bejeesus out of it...and I eventually dumped it at a huge loss. BB card Karma? Maybe? If you go ahead with the home theatre...which I wouldn't condone...don't let any clawed/hoofed animals up there!

pete ullman


Jeff Lichtman
(Login calvindog)

Re: THE MONSTER - "Making Noise"

April 27 2009, 4:32 PM 

Barry, I agree that as I get older there is less and less to watch on TV. But watching sports on a ginormous plasma television is really one of life's true pleasures.


Jim VB
(Login jvb6034)

Re: THE MONSTER - "Making Noise"

April 27 2009, 4:41 PM 

We also favor penultimate televisions. The house is littered with them. We have been at the forefront of that collecting movement for years. We also have one room set aside for the required 102" projection model. We never seem to bother to go in that room. The picture quality doesn't compare to the plasma or LCD models.

It does, however offer terrific group play on the XBox 360.

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(Login barrysloate)

Re: THE MONSTER - "Making Noise"

April 27 2009, 4:53 PM 

Those big TV's are pretty amazing. I guess Phil has to decide in the end where he wants to spend his money.

Jeff Prizner
(Login Bicem)

Re: THE MONSTER - "Making Noise"

April 27 2009, 5:48 PM 

media room? Shoot... sell, sell, sell!


(Login blackborder)

Re: THE MONSTER - "Making Noise"

April 27 2009, 6:09 PM 

Ask yourself if you would borrow the money to buy the cards, because that's essentially what you're doing. Then you'll have your answer.

Personally, I'd sell the cards.

(Login RedManChewer)

Re: THE MONSTER - "Making Noise"

April 27 2009, 6:52 PM 

If you plan on immediately starting to collect the set again as funds become available then I would not sell the cards. The cost of the loan will be a lot cheaper than the hit you'll take selling the cards wholesale, only to start buying them one at a time retail again. You said you'd only be interested in selling them as a group, and the type of person who will buy a group like that will be buying them only at a good discount. If you figure you recently paid $25,000 retail for them a card at a time, it will be hard for you to sell the deal for $15,000. When you start buying them again you'll be paying the retail prices on $25,000 worth of cards again. If you just borrow the $15,000 and pay it off at an accelerated rate by putting everything you would be spending on new T206 cards towards it, the $15,000 might only cost you $1000 or $2000, and you'll still have all your original T206 cards.


Mark L
(Login Mark_VL)

Re: THE MONSTER - "Making Noise"

April 27 2009, 7:22 PM 

Having heard some more, I would say keep the cards. If you were adding a bedroom or remodeling a kitchen, I'd say that you're surely helping the value of your house. But I'm not sure that every buyer will want to pay what you'll be expecting for a deluxe home theater.

(Login johnfishny)

Re: THE MONSTER - "Making Noise"

April 27 2009, 8:55 PM 

The highest payback on remodeling is a kitchen which would bring you 85% return, if your house is sold with 2-3 years,
that percent decreases year after year. A media room could bring 30-40% return for the same amount of time. These %
are from the National association of home Builders and
and National Association of Realtors. As an investment a media room is not considered the big two Kitchen and Bath.
It's a option that many people would not consider paying
more for 4-5 years after completion if ever. I remodeled my basement with a similar project for about $20,000 in 2006 and recently sold my house in new york. I maybe got $2000-$3000 back for the remodel. The home theather in my opinion is like buying a car it will lose value very quickly. D0 it for the love of it, not resale value if/when you move. As for the cards the cards are replacable possibly at a higher price, but with the theater after 3-4 years there will probably be no increase in the homes value due to the theater. The home will increase without the theather as it has nation-wide over the last 20 years on average. Best of luck

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John V
(Login 457FT)

Media Room

April 27 2009, 9:50 PM 

I think you will regret selling off your set. Scale back on your media room design. Go buy a 56 to 60 inch TV. Wire the room for sound before the sheetrock goes up. Then, continue to upgrade your collection and the media room over time. Eat the elephant one bite at a time.

(Login cliftons8)

Re: THE MONSTER - "Making Noise"

April 27 2009, 10:18 PM 

Dave Ramsey the financial guy would explain it like this:
Would you borrow $15,000 to buy more t206s? If not, then by not selling them
for the money is basically the same thing.

I am not a financial expert, but this does make sense.


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