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Tom Boblitt
(Premier Login autograf)

Skydash also...........

April 28 2009, 10:26 AM 

had a good camera/scanner and quickly put pictures up and came back routinely to answer the criticism and was a great guy after all...........this dude.....maybe not so much...

Scott B.
(Login bond73)

Re: T206 cards found

April 28 2009, 10:49 AM 

I think this guy is legit. He said his cards are not in good condition so I guess he also considers the "Natl" part on his Doyle N.Y. could have been hand written. happy.gif

Marty Ogelvie
(Login martyogelvie)

Re: T206 cards found

April 28 2009, 11:04 AM 


Don't let the skeptics scare you away.  They have good reason to be skeptical.  If your claims are legit, you wont find a better place or more knowledgeable group of collectors around.


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Scott Levy
(Login scottglevy)

Re: T206 cards found

April 28 2009, 11:39 AM 

I will not pass judgment without seeing scans even though I would be extremely surprised if it was legit. However, we should remember that although exceedingly rare the 'miracle find' does sometimes happen.

For proof....just look at the REA auction. The PSA 1 Plank with paper tear on the front was found with a very small group (maybe 3 or 4) other T cards. And while Lifson has told me that he fields countless bogus inquiries....that Plank is very much real and should serve as proof that the impossible occasionally becomes reality.


(Login boxingbaseballgolf33)

T206 cards found

April 28 2009, 12:00 PM 

give it some time, we are hoping they are real - would be nice to see


(Login MSW1)

Re: T206 cards found

April 28 2009, 12:09 PM 

from the OP: "I am not sure how to post scans on here. but if you e-mail me i can reply with scans."

anyone get the scans? I have not.

My Trade/Sale Page


Tom Boblitt
(Premier Login autograf)

They're real..........

April 28 2009, 2:22 PM 

and they're SPECTACULAR...........woops........just thinking about Teri Hatcher.....

Dan McCarthy
(Login collectbaseball)

Re: T206 cards found

April 28 2009, 2:29 PM 

While I agree that the odds of them being real are slim, I think we should all cut Rick some slack... I've exchanged a few emails with him and he seems like a decent guy. It could be a miracle find, or it could be guy who unknowingly has fake cards, or it could be someone looking to prank/scam, but I think that it's only right to reserve judgment until we actually see what he's got. If no scans/photos show up in the next few days then I'd say it's safe to assume it's a troll.


(Login T206Collector)

The human inability...

April 28 2009, 5:22 PM apply statistical reasoning to extremely unlikely events is why Honus Wagner reprints continue to sell for $100 or more on ebay (and why people buy lottery tickets and play slot machines). These stories always remind me of an article I once read about how everyone thinks they have a great book to write about themselves when most people really don't. In much the same way novice collectors think they're the special ones with the great find -- that they just won the lottery. While technically true that "the 'miracle find' does sometimes happen" -- yes, people do win the lottery -- it is this dream that keeps the scam artists alive (and the casinos profitable). I'd prefer not to perpetuate the myth and come down hard on these people -- especially so in this case when the evidence of fraud is so completely overwhelming.

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(Login sreader3)

Re: T206 cards found

April 28 2009, 6:41 PM 

Let's see . . .

7 Doyle (N.Y. Nat'l) cards / roughly 1.6 million T206 cards =

0.00044% chance of finding a Doyle in a 1-card find * 3 cards found =

0.0013%, or about a 1 in 75,000 chance that this is a legitimate find.

(Login Peter_Spaeth)


April 28 2009, 7:39 PM 

It's always sobering to be in a convenience store or one of those gas station mini marts and watch people who appear not to be particularly well off keep plunking down money on scratch tickets. I guess it's a necessary revenue device for states, but it leaves a bad taste.

Marc S.
(Login schoenen)

What's that, Peter?

April 28 2009, 10:11 PM 

you have an issue with regressive taxes?


(Login E93)

Re: T206 cards found

April 29 2009, 2:59 AM 

Are you suggesting that people wait for evidence before convicting? Are you crazy? wink.gif


(Login aamoniz)

Re: T206 cards found

April 29 2009, 3:20 AM 

Guys, I found a "Wagner" card in some sort of plastic case with a red and white label at the top. It says "McNall/Gretzky" on the label. Kind of looks trimmed though. Worth anything? Probably not, huh?

Dan McCarthy
(Login collectbaseball)

Re: T206 cards found

April 29 2009, 3:55 AM 

Jim -- I realize it's a pretty new concept but in my experience it usually works out for the better.

While the skepticism is certainly warranted, and I agree that the cards (or the Doyle, at least) are likely not authentic. However, even if that is the case, immediately jumping to the conclusion that it's a scam is a little rash. I know if I found something that I thought was cool and potentially valuable but knew nothing about at a yard sale/antique shop/whatever (like this:, the logical first step would be to find some kind of forum catering to modern art and post something saying "Hey -- I'm new here and I found this pretty big colorful artwork, i think it might be a painting or lithograph. it's a circle with what looks like a bunch of splashes on it like paint was dropped while it was spinning around or something. Whoever made it signed it, its kind of scribbled but looks like "Dmin nit". Maybe the artist is african or asian? I dont know what kind of name that is. Anyway, its probably not worth anything but I thought i'd ask."

Maybe what I had bought was actually just a hi-res printout of a lithograph worth $15k, but since it's not in my area of expertise there's no way I could know that. Maybe it's actually a lithograph worth $15k. Maybe I had just become interested in modern art, but thanks to the seemingly unwelcoming community I'm turned away from it.

All I'm saying is that jumping all over what could be an innocent question rather than attempting to educate isn't really productive at all. Maybe some lurkers or people new to the hobby (I was both, pretty recently in fact) don't know what about the Doyle is so special and are curious. Maybe someone that does have a legitimate find is reading the board but decides not to post because they fear reprisal.

P.S. That's not to say that I don't appreciate the sense of humor all of you guys bring to the situation... all of the responses were good for a laugh!


(Login T206Collector)


April 29 2009, 9:32 AM 

...but this was not an "innocent question" brought by a newbie, but a poorly crafted attempt to scam someone(s) out of money.

While I certainly recognize how many here inappropriately pounce on novices, the skeptical (at best) responses in this thread should not have a chilling effect on a newcomers willing to post.

A genuine newbie would not have drafted his post this way:

1- intentionally poor spelling ("knew memeber"; "discribed") and punctuation (people who write without periods do not sometimes get it right).

2- description of Doyle is near perfect in line with catalog description of rarity, whereas Davis and Alperman are not in line with catalog description

3- providing private email address in thread, to draw predators off the thread, as opposed to seeking public responses within the thread

4- claiming cards have no value, in an effort to lure predators.

These are the red flags as I see them. In a different context, 1 or more of these flags would not necessarily require a swift rebuke. But all 4 together like this is ridiculous.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Jeff Lichtman
(Login calvindog)

Re: T206 cards found

April 29 2009, 10:05 AM 

Paul is right.


(Premier Login leonl)
Network 54 Moderator

I agree too

April 29 2009, 11:30 AM 

I agree with Paul's assumptions 100%. Anyone that writes that poorly shouldn't be allowed on a computer. They should be studying remedial English. We aren't talking a typo here. We are talking completely illiterate. Red flags abound.. BTW, there is no comparison at all to Skydash. The way Skydash wrote and the way this scammer wrote are 2 entirely different things. For all of those saying not to be skeptical go ahead and send some money to this person.

Dan McCarthy
(Login collectbaseball)

Re: T206 cards found

April 29 2009, 11:57 AM 

Anyone who sends money to this person doesn't deserve to have it in the first place, in my opinion. Maybe I am an optimist but I have met enough stupid people and seen enough bizarre things happen that I don't immediately discount something as impossible. Implausible, yes, but not impossible.

However, now that I see how many "red flags" there are I suppose you are correct. I would just hate to see someone who was duped into buying them in the first place be accused of being a scammer.

(Login barrysloate)

Re: T206 cards found

April 29 2009, 12:17 PM 

The tip off to me is "I doubt they have any value." That is not an appropriate comment and raises a really high red flag.

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