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Gene Handley Passes....RIP

April 29 2009 at 9:23 PM

Jason L  (Login smallcapdaddy)
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My (distant) cousin, Eugene L. Handley died this past April 12th, at the age of 94. There was a very very brief obit posted in the Tucson newspaper, that did not elaborate on nearly any details of the man, which was disappointing, so I thought I post a little something here, if that is alright. A sincere thank you, in advance.

I wish I could say that I knew him, but with family dyanamics being what they are, busy schedules, and his age already rather advanced when I learned how to contact him, my immediate family and I did not have any direct meaningful contact with him. I have met and been in contact recently with others closer to him, and that has been fun and rewarding, and I hope it continues. In fact, my website has served to make this possible in some cases as family members have reached out.

At any rate, from what I know of him, Gene lived a very long life, and he got as much out of it as anyone could probably hope. I had heard from one of our other cousins that he was the most popular guy in his retirement home for a period of years, even remarrying at the age of 91!

More on-topic to this Board, Gene lived a very long life in baseball as well. He was one of the top 20 oldest living former MLB players. He was a fixture infielder in the PCL, making it to the majors in 1946 and 47, with the A's. He was a scout for my beloved Chicago Cubs for 56 years, and was routinely considered one of the best, even winning the Scout of the Year Award for the West division in 1990. One of his discoveries that I recall was Steve Trachsel.

I have done quite a bit of research on he and his brother Lee Handley, who also played MLB. I also collect any of their memorabilia that I can find, and it is one of my great interests to study the game from the focused perspective of one or two players. The history of the game is revealed in new and intriguing fashion, as compared to studying a team, or league history.

I have begun to share what I have compiled on a series of pages within my website, if you are interested. I am only scratching the surface there, as I have not had the time to write and share everything I have learned, or even all the pics I have accumulated. Here's the site, if you have an interest. If you have any stories, info, pics, cards or other items of Gene Handley or Lee Handley that you would like to share, I am always interested in seeing scans or communicating!

Rest in Peace, Gene. We'll see you someday, and I look forward to the stories.

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(Login Davalillo)

Re: Gene Handley Passes....RIP

April 29 2009, 9:28 PM 

Good stuff Jason--thanks for posting.

A scout for 56 years--wow!


Jason L
(Login smallcapdaddy)
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Edit...sorry, actually 54 years

April 29 2009, 9:34 PM 

Gene was a scout for 54 years, not 56 as I had previously stated. But still...quite a long scouting career!

barry arnold
(Login ethicsprof)


April 29 2009, 10:52 PM 

please accept my deepest sympathy and condolences.
many thanks for sharing this biography of a truly great lover of the game who
committed his life to the betterment of this fine sport.


Frank Wakefield
(Login FrankWakefield)

Re: Gene Handley Passes....RIP

April 29 2009, 10:55 PM 

Kind regards to his family. Obviously, a man who knew baseball.


Frank W.

Bill Stone
(Login ston4100)

Hollywood Stars 1953

April 30 2009, 9:09 AM 

Jason: Sorry to hear of your loss but he certainly had a very full life
doing what he loved. I lived in Burbank,California in the 1950's and saw him play with the Hollywood Stars many times. Dale Long was my favorite player and in 1953 you could usually depend on seeing Gene Handley and Dale Long in almost every game.

(Login whitehse)

Re: Gene Handley Passes....RIP

April 30 2009, 12:16 PM 

I had the opportunity to meet Mr Handley on one occasion when I worked for the Chicago Cubs and he came in for the yearly scouting meetings. While I would be lying if I said I had a meaningful conversation with him, I did get to shake his hand and he seemed like a really nice man. A grandfatherly type person who I thought was genuinly a nice guy!! I am sure he will be missed

Ted Zanidakis
(Login tedzan)

Gene Handley

April 30 2009, 4:55 PM 


I'm very sorry to hear of the passing your cousin, Gene Handley.

May GOD Bless his soul and comfort his family.

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