Salon des Belles Lettres et des Beaux Arts
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Welcome to the Salon des Belles Lettres et des Beaux Arts discussion board, a forum and community discussion board dedicated to the celebration of Words and the ideas and feelings they express, and passion for the Arts in its myriad disciplines.

We encourage discussions of writing, language and the visual and performance arts. Please join our discussions of history, philosophy and cultures, our discourse in Aesthetics and Ideas.

As a discussion board of, we try live up to ThePuristS philosophy of life - Pursuing integrity and perfection in an imperfect world.

We enjoy a civil and welcoming online environment and request good judgment when initiating discussions, replies and topics. Please keep the tone of posts courteous and respectful; the anonymity of the internet is not an acceptable excuse for boorish, rude or contentious behavior. Please word your posts as if they were directed at you.

We invite you to join our conversations and have fun!

vivere est cogitare, ab imo pectore
To Live is to Think, from Deep within the Heart.

Belles Lettres Moderator

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By participating in this forum, you represent that you have thoroughly read and agree to abide by forum code of conduct.

amendments and additions to the TOS Jan. 15 2009

click here for a working guide to acceptable, and not acceptable, conduct on this forum. Thanks, Harvey.

click here for updated comments on forum participation standards and protocols, especially regarding logins and screen names May 20, 2008

Jan. 15, 2009: In a few weeks, Belles Lettres will become a login required forum.

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