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Singsaas RTE - July 29th

June 20 2012 at 2:05 PM
Lurleen  (no login)


We got the following message from our friend Jay Nelson at Singsaas Lutheran Church. Considering the sad news we've all been dealing with this week, I think this is very timely. Whatever your religious/spiritual views are, a nice ride, good fellowship and great food will always lift your spirits.
Hey guys. I don't know to what degree Team Strange is interested, but I'll throw something out there. The Singsaas church council just scheduled a potluck dinner for July 29th with hope the Strangers are interested in attending. Being totally transparent, our congregation really really enjoyed your visit last year yet we thought there countless ways the day could have been better.

We're willing to work with you guys to make sure a second visit is ideal. If another Sunday would work better, we'll try to work it out. Your offertory would go to Eddie's Road, or wherever else you see fit. Any people coming up the days before can stay in our homes. And we're thinking yard games after service would be in order, but are open to suggestions. We can bring in heavy-duty hangers for your Aerostitch riding gear. If you want to sell rides in a side car with money to go to Eddie's Road or wherever, there's a ton of people lining up to purchase a ticket. And we welcome your thoughts and suggestions on anything else. Our congregation's only non-debatable item is having a potluck dinner. I've been authorized and requested to play hardball with you guys concerning a potluck dinner, so we have a potluck dinner or the deal is off.

Gotta go for now. Look forward to hearing from you, and if you see fit, making July 29th an unforgettable day!


So, who's in? Respond to this thread so Jay can get a feel for how many Strangers will be showing up.

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