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Re: Lack of common ground

July 14 2002 at 5:59 AM
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Response to Lack of common ground

My goodness, The Republic of Goroka has been omitted. Please correct the list, Liberal, Esquiré.

Yes, we should go our separate ways. There are countries in the world (e.g. the South Pacific and Europe) that are smaller and less resource-endowed than some individual provinces in PNG. The suggestion is only logical and fair.

...mmm, did I say fair? YES! Some provinces and districts presently contribute effectively nothing or very little if at all to the overall national sweat and grind (i.e. the GDP). Yet, some of these Provinces are experts at siphoning more than they contribute to the national income. The NCD is a case in point. The aid monies and other resources, in the main, get as far as Waigani and then are abused/wasted as we all know. Very little gets to the grassroots level.

Some people from certain areas of PNG use the public service machinery as their means of survival (bread and butter). What that can translate to is the widespread nepotism/wantokism/cronyism and the drop in the performance of PS as we see today. The ethos of getting positions on merit is in effect dead. (Do not give me that crap about honesty and fairness in the workings of the PS because I am an extremely well qualified public servant of 20+ years standing and have seen first-hand the double-standards and wantokism and jealousies. You try your best and when you are in a position to get somewhere, the ‘manipulation’ and ‘engineering’ steps in. This is because you are perceived to be intruding on their ‘garden’.) Public servants from the non-contributing areas of PNG, ol bai igo we sopos ol pinis long wok? Most will find it difficult because they have very little of substance in their provinces or areas. I know some who do not even have land to go back to!! This forum will underscore what I have said: People from such provinces will fight tooth and nail to keep this country together as-is. [What is the point bro? The PS swallows up most of the money from mama PNG’s purse. Therefore, it is instructive to have an idea of those who take advantage of and abuse the PS as their grandfather’s private entity. Some are over the retirement age and still employed illegally. For obvious reasons, the DPM nor the PM can do nothing about this flagrant abuse of the law.]

Why should some provinces contribute whilst others have the right people in place to (ab)use and manipulate the system to maintain their parasitic existence? Why should some provinces be slaves for others? The Highlands region contributes significantly to the national purse. Yet, the strings to that purse are controlled by coastal people. Should some provinces continue to be slaves for others or for people from other provinces to live the high life while their own people are living in bush material houses without lamps? NO! NO! NO! It is neither fair nor equitable.

EHP can survive on her RENEWABLE resources (e.g. coffee and mushroom to name a few). We have survived on coffee (regardless of world price fluctuations) since before Independence. We do not have much gold nor any copper but that is OK, em small things as such resources are here-today-and-gone-tomorrow. For starters, we have the Yonki Hydro to collect money from the other 'countries'. We also have the Kassam and Daulo Passes to collect 'passage fees' from.

A referendum would be in order. The vote can be on whether we become a Territory of Australia (as before) or a State of Australia. This will nullify the so-called Independence [sic., we have never truly been independent, have we?]. That will solve most of the cancers (corruption, wantokism, law and order, etc) haemorrhaging PNG. If we cannot become a part of Australia, we might as well go our different ways. PNG has no Hannibal, no Alexander the Great, no Geronimo, no nobody who has the charisma, strength and power of character, and the trust and respect of the many peoples to unify the diversity of cultures. There is no unifying national vision, goals and psyche. PNG is drowning because it has been governed by small-minded, corrupt and incompetent beings masquerading as leaders.

If Bougainville wants to breakaway, so be it. Respect her wishes. Ethnically, they are unique and should be respected.

Viva Republic of Goroka.

Nokondi Nama (10t Mangi)

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