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Is moral corruption a development issue?

January 6 2004 at 8:16 AM
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the National 


[from the National Monday 5th of January 2004]

Expose leaders’ extra marital affairs: Hayes

A WOMAN leader has called on all Papua New Guineans to expose high office holders who are involved in moral corruption.
Maria Hayes, newly elected president of PNG Women In Politics (PNGWIP), said those who take advantage of their handsome wages to pursue relationships outside marriage should be exposed.
“I refer to the high level of moral corruption among politicians, Government consultants and senior public servants who abuse their high offices and people’s resources to conduct their activities,” Mrs Hayes said. She claimed there has been an increase in extra-marital affairs and breakdown of marriages that was leaving women and children deserted on the streets without support.
“We are becoming too complacent and have allowed this disease to eat into the fabric of our society and the break-down of our national foundation - our families,” she added.
She said PNG claims to be a Christian nation, yet the people allowed the leaders to abuse their high profile jobs and position of trust, even though there are mechanisms and institutions such as the Ombudsman Commission and other Government and non-governmental organisations in place to fight the rot.
“We have men (women are not excluded) who exploit naÔve and vulnerable young women.
“This practice is now becoming an acceptable way of life and is encouraging promiscuity and prostitution among young women who are lured by money and material wealth.
“It is a shame to see these leaders conduct their private lives in ways that questions the positions they hold, the money the people of PNG pay them and use of public resources for their immoral activities,” she said.

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