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Re: The place of women in modern PNG society

March 15 2004 at 7:12 PM
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Response to The place of women in modern PNG society


Women are the pillers of society and nation building in many countries of the world including PNG. They were and are still the ones who keep the family household going-the powerhouse of a nation. In many countries built by immigrants like Australia and the U.S. Women played a great role in sustaning the pionnier families during difficult periods. A lot has changed since in these countries as many women have become professionals and bread winners. In PNG more women are getting educated and participating in the economy and nation building and enjoying equal rights as men. However in rural PNG today women still have low status, and many struggle to keep their families, and are barred from participating independently in community and social activities, an example would be voting in elections were a husband usually decides who the family should vote for. I for myself beleave that women should be given more chance for education especially in rural PNG, and women should play a greater role in the decesions of their families, community, in the workplace, and in politics and goverment administration. Hopefully we will see many women entering politics and parliament in the future, only time and change in cultural attitudes will tell. Afterall where will we all be without our mothers.

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