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Ich habe dich!

July 4 2004 at 8:44 AM
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Ralph Hamilton 

Response to Re: Sepik!


To Anonymous,
Yu wokim long kapsaitim lik lik long mi ya?

Heumenetics! Ah! I assume you mean, "interpretation of the scriptures". I also assume you have some revelation of "woman's place", as a result of your interpretrations.

Nau! Yu no wokim long tok bokis, tokaut long ol. Don't keep it a secret - tell us all.

As to being a professional. I was not aware of any formal courses in/on the subject.

Sori tumas ol wantoks. My reply was very tardy on this one. The spelling threw me. So I had to wait till I had some spare time, to think about what anon' was talking about. I had some time about 0200hrs this morning, so I researched the subject a little,

Now anon' correct me if I am wrong. What Heumenetics claims, is that the world was not created in 6 days, but the "Creation" was revealed in 6 days. God created all the species, but Evolution has modified the various species, to adapt to a changing enviorenment.

So how does this relate to the thread about women's place, etc etc? Don't hold out on us. Propound your theories. I am a nihilist. So I have no preconcieved ideas on religion. I am dying to hear yours. Naturally, I have no tenet of faith that is so dear to me, that it is not open to discussion. Comes with the territory, I guess.

Over to you, wantok......Ralph.

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