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Re: Education and Christianity

September 2 2004 at 8:35 AM
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Mangi Nating 

Response to Education and Christianity

Hi all,

7 Mile, when it comes down to it, you are unable to define what you mean. Education is something that enables you to think for yourself? Of course this is the ultimate aim of education, but what do you mean, it is no help to anyone to say that it means different things to different people, because that is evading the question. What does it mean to you since you are the one asserting that Christianity is opposed to education.

You must define of what this education comprises, give examples. Voltaire, I believe it was, said that in order to enter an argument one must define one's terms, or else the parties to the argument would not know what they were talking about. I need to know what exactly you mean by education.

Now there is a kind of Christianity (I have called it "fundamentalist" for want of a better term) that positively relishes narrow mindedness, ignorance, prejudice, and superstition

This is also unclear, what exactly does this mean? You must be specific. For your sake, Fundamental Christianity is that which places the bible as the ultimate Authority in all matters of faith and practice. It believes that the Scriptures are the God-inspired word. It believes that Christ was resurrected from death, that the miracles in the Scriptures are real, that Christ is the only way to God etc... Was this what you meant by fundamental Christianity or did you have another idea?

Another thing I have issue with is this 'open-mindedness' that you speak of. What do you mean by open-mindedness? Today 'open-mindedness' is perverted to mean the embracing of all perverted lifestyles. Open-mindedness to me is being able to listen to all different views and then accept that which is the most reasonable/rational. What does it mean to you?

Again, How is fundamental Christianity opposed to learning? I would be interested to know exactly how it is an enemy to learning.

How all is well with you & yours.


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