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Education and Christianity

September 2 2004 at 10:52 AM
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Response to Re: Education and Christianity

So called "education" is all too often mostly indoctrination - I gather from your own comments that you are quite aware of just what I mean. Defining terms is all very well, but it essentially goes round in circles. Since we can only define terms in terms of other terms ... its only value comes in making sure we are talking about the same thing. I think we already are.

Taking a 2000 year old book about religion (written at different times by different people with VERY different viewpoints) as the "ultimate authority" on everything - even itself - accepting unscientific "magical" ideas of the way the universe functions, instead of the very intricate, awe-inspiring way it really DOES function, believing that anyone not following the same path as yourself cannot reach God, so that salvation is essentially hereditary - these are just some of your own Christian ideas expressed from another viewpoint. You need to be able to see them from this viewpoint, and understand why so many good and wise people HAVE chosen to be agnostic, atheist, or even followers of a non-Christian religion, before you can "rationally" accept Christianity.

Not that we'd want our education to indocrinate people in my views any more than yours of course. Educated people do however tend to become less and less dogmatic on questions of religion (or science!). If they accept the Bible (or anything else) as a perfect fount of all knowledge then they have done this after questioning why they do so.

We agree about open mindedness, I think - but of course it has already gone out the window if anyone not agreeing with you (or me) is "perverted", hasn't it? "Being able to listen to all different views and then accept that which is the most reasonable/rational" is hardly compatible with having decided already, or accepting a ready-made set of answers. (ANY ready made set of answers - I really only use Christianity as an example because PNG is such a "Christian" country).

Incidentally this most Christian country is in a moral crisis.

The question is not "believing the right things". "Fundamentalist" science would be locked into what one believed about science two thousand years ago, (or last week). It would have stopped. If ideas don't progress then nothing does.

"Fundamentalist" Judaism could not accept Jesus.

It is my experience that many staunch Christians tend to start talking about "so-called learning" and "true learning" whenever the subject of education arises in conversation. This is their choice, not mine.

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