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Pasin bilongem.

September 4 2004 at 1:54 AM
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Ralph Hamilton 

Response to Re: Less Arrogance and More Humility

Hi ol,
MN you constantly demand, that anyone opposed to any Christian teaching define thsir terms.

I read 7 mile's original posting on education and christianity. I found what he wrote perfectly understandable. I would say that you did too. Your constant harping on the need to define terms, is a means of trying to stultify discussion on whatever does not suit you. It is unworthy of you. In future I will look on it as. Dispela pasin bilong MN tasol. (It is your way)

Like you, I am against homosexual marriage. But I am not looking at it from a moralistic point of view. I am looking at it from the point of view, of what is good for the species. Homosexual marriage is bad for the species. If everyone became homosexual, and married same sex partners - why, the species would die out.

As far as homosexuality itself goes, I take the purely Freudian point of view. (As long as it is between consenting adults,) Who gives a damn? If they were not enjoying it, they would not be doing it. So too with any other sexual practice, As long as it is between consenting adults. (Children need our legal protection.) The same judgement criteria, as to what benefits the species, comes in here.

My opinion of homosexuals is, that they are just dirty little boys, living out their fantasies. I don't care, I just don't want to know about it. Any more than they would want to know about mine. I guess my fantasies would be too boring for them. (I have been married 37 years to the one lady.) I do resent them sceaming their lifestyle from the rooftops, as the only way to go, as they do here in OZ. I find it downright tedious.

So you see. We arrive at the same end, from different points of view. A complete non belief system, does not mean total lassiez faire. If one has to make one's own decisions as a species, one has always to look at what behaviour best profits the species. If there is anything I see in the Bible, is, it is a parable. The book is written in many parables - the whole book is a parable. Its advice to us is, that this world can be our heaven or hell, as we see fit. The story about man being made in God's image. It is there to tell us that we can be that God if we wish. We can be the Devil too. If we indulge in unproductive behaviour as a species, we will cease to exist. Simple as that. We do not require a church to tell us that one. We all know it, just many fail to admit it.

As for 7 mile's statement, on Christian education tending to stifle free thought. When the Church has it its own way, with a largely uneducated religious population, it still does this. Look at the instance of the Pope in Brazil a few years ago. In San Paulo, (which has slums alone, larger than the population of any city in OZ), he was preaching against contraception. I consider such a person, to be a dangerous dickhead. If this is not disinformation, what is?

When I was in NZ 1968/69, they had the last heresy trial that I know of, in the western world. This bloke was brought before the Court on Heresy charges. The Church suffered the derision of everyone. How they must of hated having to use the Courts. How they must have sorely wished for the Inquisition, or at least an Auto da Fe, To get at the "real truth" of the matter. (The bloke was acquitted on all charges.) Much to the delight of everyone. This was a fine example, of the church trying to stifle thought. Que sera, sera, hombre? In the words of the old song.

To get back to the original thread. PNG will never advance, until it has the political will to do so. Every government has to dissipate most of its energies, wading off votes of no confidence. I have the greatest regard for Michael Somare. Yet, within six months, there were calls for the replacement of his government. Because he had not cured all the country's ills, already. For God's sake!

Also MN, do not extrapolate my comments to the ridiculous. Even though I said Lady Carol would make a great Prime Minister, that does not mean I advocate installing all white people in Government. I never said that, or even hinted it. Sir Michael has the best interests of PNG at heart. Of that I am sure. In fact after a few more years in Parliament, Lady Carol would be a great choice for GG. My opinion only - make of that what you will.

Hasta la vista, amigo......Ralph.

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