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Re: we need to take the initiative to help ourselves

March 22 2006 at 7:37 AM
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... whats wrong with a bit of help? What's wrong with a helping hand? By all means, lets encourage our people to be more proactive, to realise what wealth and reward can come from hard work and determination- such as Singapore, Fiji, Ryan Pini, Dika Toua... Yes, it is time to stop thinking that the only solution is to go to a neighbour for a handout... maybe we should realise that the agendas. Australia will always provide assistance to PNG. It knows what resource can be tapped in the highlands, and islands. It also doesnt want a failed state on its doorstep, so it will do whatever it can to ensure PNG remains democratic, and lawbiding (sort of).
Even though Aid comes to PNG in the form of skilled resource, or project funding, it doesnt mean we as a people can just sit back and let everyone do our work. Otherwise you will soon know what exploitation is all about. It wont be just logging, it will be in fishing, agriculture, mineral and energy. We will get little to no return on our resource... and our neighbours will reap the rewards. Look at the middle east - Saudi Arabia, Emirates... they have vast petroleum and energy resource, and they are rich. We have vast resource, and we are still poor. Singapore was a small fishing village when Raffles first arrived.... he had a vision for it as a major far eastern hub... Lee Kwan Yew took that vision, and together with the people of Singapore they worked hard to develop their nation.
If we work hard, maybe we too can reap the reward... but I dont have an issue with a little help along the way. emtasol.

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