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The growth of Asian Organized Crime

April 25 2006 at 8:55 AM
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Papua New Guinean 

All, there appears to have been much said about the Honiara situation, the Asian situation in PNG and Rimbunhan Hijau.

Many postings have been made and many have had good points. Some have been off the mark.

All these situations have occurred because of asian organized crime.

As someone very familiar with the workings the asian organized crime syndicates in PNG, allow me to give you some information:

1. Asian Organized Crime entered PNG in the late 80's
2. Asian Organized Crime has one major objective: make money
3. Asian Organized Crime has no qualms about achieving this objective through
illegitimate and illigitimate ways
4. Current business includes: import and sale of pirated counterfeit
low quality goods without payment of taxes, smuggling of human beings,
protection, illegal gaming, prostition, money laundering and drug
manufacturing and distribution.
5. How do they acheive this? Simple: remove current business field through
intimidation, lowering of prices, criminally targetted attacks and take over. Corrupt State entities set up to investigate and prevent such activities and establish political alliances to further interests nationally. You will no doubt note that most of the original PNG Chinese have now left as they could not compete, were intimidated and were more or less honest business people who paid their taxes and did business the honest way. You will also note that asian organized crime ha spread to rural areas of PNG setting up shops selling cheap low quality goods to rural folk. You will no doubt note that many of these new asian companies now are reserve police men, have 24 hrs police protection and have political support.

This situation is very similar to that which existed in the US in the 1920's when the mafia controlled everything. It took a lot of political will and effort to address this situation then.

Eventually, these criminal organizations will control PNG and its destiny.

This is what is required now. Political will.

Is RH a criminal organization? Yes it is.

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