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Re: PNG a mess, says Patience

June 3 2006 at 11:36 AM
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Peaceful Heart 

Response to PNG a mess, says Patience

Yes, I agree he highlighted the bad things in governance and social order, BUT....we still have the chance to make a difference.

Let us each work to educate or influence people around us for the better. Each wantoks contributing here in PNGscape have the power to influence families, friends, tribes, workmates & even his leaders for better PNG.

Take such reports or comments with a positive mind, be determined and lets work to affect this country for the good of it.

It's you & me, that can put a STOP to such negativity. When you first began influencing your families, friends & people with transparent way of living, upholding order and Godly fear, these traits of life can cause a change in our society for the better. (Sampla pasin blo mi na mi tok).


1. Taim yu lukim olsem brother involve lo corrupt deals na baim car or house, beer, etc, MUST STOPPIM displa pasin and explain the situation in a good way ...DON'T accomodate such behaviour, however your RESPECT for him as a person must stap.

2. When you educate your clans men or tribes etc, avoid that mentality of 'becoming a politician' just because people trust you or see that you are such an inspirational person. PLEASE sampla taim, lusim displa kain mentality.

Use such a trust instead to continue affecting constructively & influencing the whole district/electrate for change in proper development, clear concience and mentality of people.....not being a pollie tasol you can change or develop your small area. Anyone can do it an educated person, you'll have a better chance.

3. etc, etc, etc, ...

Brothers, we must remember that many genuine PNGeans such as nurses, teachers, HEOs, etc, have sacrificed a lot their time and efforts (many with all their God given lives) for this country for a long time with no honour and recognition. When we, the elites of this country be like these people, we surely can change PNG despite criticism from foreigners.

Educating, influencing, and changing the behaviour of people in all walks of life for this country is in our hands. What I am encouraging is a slow, but the best way to go with SURE positive results, because we are dealing with people and how they interact, share ideas, behaviours, etc. 80% will want to choose a trait of character that is good.

Let's do it now and creat a PNG that we will always be proud of tomorrow.

Noken worry lo ol lain mekim noise nabaut.

Be hopeful...GOD em stap.

Peaceful Heart

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