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Re: PNG a mess, says Patience

June 5 2006 at 8:17 AM
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Peaceful Heart 

Response to Re: PNG a mess, says Patience


Bro, from a 'general' observation, you got a point in what you said.

What I believe in, I'd rather 'live' it and then mekim planti toktok tumas. I only helped in suggesting what I personally believe is the key to change in this country, and that is affecting FIRST your families in a honest and God fearing way and then affect all those around you with similar traits of mentality & character.

You got any better strategies or options?

Mine is a slow process, and depends very much on each individual (concern PNGeans like you & I ) to take the responisility and be persistent. We will still reap results in the long run.

If people are genuinely concern about the state of our country, they will follow what I suggested and encourage others to do the same.

I hope many in this forum (Kumul board & PNGscape as a whole) are not PNGeans who sit in comforts of their sofas or chairs somewhere in Pom/Lae or in overseas and ONLY make comments without practically make some little efforts in educating and affecting our people in the remote communities of this country.

I've spent my time and effort to help many remote commnities in a humble way and I believe that this is the kind of spirit I must promote in this forum too for others to do the same in Towns/Cities so that together we can affect this country for the better.

No further coments/replies from me now on. Nogut mi mekim planti toktok tumas. Better to practically live what I believe.


Peaceful Heart

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