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Request to Greenpeace

June 10 2006 at 4:51 PM
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Response to "Golden Chainsaw" award (links and report)


I assume that someone in Greenpeace or associated with Greenpeace had such fast access to all these links and posted them.

This posting is primarily directed at them.

Greenpeace, it is past due that you start putting all that you know about Rimbunan Hijau's activities in PNG on the internet in an easily accessible form so that Papua New Guineans with access to the web are able to learn in detail how RH treats our village people, how it cheats our government of revenue, and how it bribes our leaders and corrupts our society.

RH operates all over the country, there is the strong sense that it does so with impunity, yet where is the meat? In other words, there isn't much available on the internet specific to PNG and detailing incidents and stories. Why not?

A movement to get Rimbunan Hijau out of Papua New Guinea can not and should not be driven by Greenpeace. It needs to be driven by Papua New Guineans representing a cross section of society. I'm sure that you will agree with that, Greenpeace. This fight with RH really has less to do with environment and foreign NGOs than it revolves around a threat to our sovereignty and a basic lack of respect for Papua New Guineans by RH.

Nevertheless, Greenpeace, you are in one of the best roles to get out detailed information on how RH is operating in our country.

Please start providing this information more than you have in the past. Post information there, put the information elsewhere on the web, and overall make these details accessible to all of us. Certainly the amount of information we have available to affect how serious we become at doing what is necessary to push RH out of PNG.

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