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Regulation by Government.

June 22 2006 at 1:31 PM
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Ralph Hamilton 

Response to Re: Socialism does notlevel things.


Thanks MM,
I indeed have an uncontrollable sense of humour. It causes an unreasonable amount of havoc in my life. It, however, enables me to see the funny side of most situations. Keeps me sane. "You call this sane?" "Be quiet!" "SEE!" Now where was I.

Oh yes. The thing I have against Socialism is, it seeks to regulate society by laws or decrees. Society cannot be made perfect by passing laws. The Calvinists tried that. The even had laws, regulating bed and wake-up times. So I just do not think socialism would work for ONG.

Probably, the "Wantok System" was a really effective form of socialism, in the traditional societies of the past. But that was only at the tribal level. It was not an all encompassing institution at a national level. No system will work for PNG if it is corrupt.

So the nub of the matter is. What is the best system for PNG. Stuffed if I know. What I do notice is, that PNGians in general seem to be a nation of small scale entrepreneurs. They seem to favour setting up small scale enterprises, and don't try to merge them into large scale operations. Therefore, I do not think socialism as a system, would be suited to PNG. I certainly conclude that you do have to find your own way.

It could be that the present system has to totally fail first. Then a new way can be formed out of the ashes of the old system. Who knows? These processes are both evolutionary and revolutionary. Just look at British history, to see at what cost they achieved the freedom of the individual, that was notable throughout Europe. The problem is, that other countries will interfere, and try to make your systems mirror their own. Beats me why they think that their way is so great, that everyone would wabt to copy it. This is very much the case with both the USA and Australia.


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