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November 5 2006 at 10:21 PM
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Response to Re: MORE OIL IN PNG


If InterOil has invested so much already even it is a new player to Oil & Gas exploration in PNG, why don't we just work with them?

What you suggested for nationals to explore Oil & Gas, let me tell you that attempts had been made in the past for us nationals to venture into such industry, but D.P.E. (or PNG govt) saw it fit not to give her nationals the license to explore, despite us having the brains and experience in such work.

If I can compare, Oilsearch is a company that boast to be here since 1900s but there is no real discoveries under its belt and even more annoying, it is only riding on Chevron's assets and ideas. There is no reason why we should be proud of OSL as compared to InterOil.

Let's go InterOil, test ELK and show the rest of the world that we have Oil & Gas reservoirs like Middle East here in PNG's foreland, an area all major players in petroleum exploration has written off long time ago.

Test ELK and show the world!!!! the mammoth it has under.

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