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I'm with mama

January 3 2007 at 6:57 PM
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I agree with mum, its not the brothels that are producing the higher number of HIV infections. Its the husbands that go and have multiple partners and bring the disease home with them to their wife. Also, people are just ignorant or just plain dump and don't use condoms when they have sex. It may sound silly but it happens. AIDs in not an issue that will go away, We need to start taking this very seriously. This virus can inflict great damage in countries if it is not controlled quickly. Just look at africa they are undergoing a threatening aids epidemic, and we have to learn from their mistakes. The Govt has to consider this as a huge problem. If left unchecked this problem could be the end of our people. Its scary to think that if drastic measures are not introduceds, by 2010 30% of our population could be infected by aids. Let me put it another way, (in bold figures) thats like saying 1 in 3 people you see on the streets would have HIV. People we have to get this disease undercontrol. This outbreak could mark the end of our people. Take it seriously. Start thinking with your big head instead of your small one. Not just men women as well. Most of all the Govt needs to be taking this more seriously.

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