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Sex n HIV

January 4 2007 at 4:37 AM
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Response to This Mum worries about brothels

Mum and all participants, sex is very nice but contracting and knowing being positive is a killer thought. All your dreams, aspirations, goals and visions are a mere miles away.. It kills the very fabrics of sensitive and rational thinking...where regrets takes the lonely and bitter road of wasted life and strenght. This is a disease that kills with bitter pain than other diseases. Don't play around with this topic cause you might be a victim since sex is very sweet and nice in the first place but soar if hooked on the wrong bait.

Be sensitive and comment on drastic solutions because the disease is a problem. According to surveys and stories, man with booths are spreading it. This is true because only man become unfaithful and as a result (some) woman say; yu tasol, mi tu bai wokim long sait. Pipol start to compete and then end up killing themselves. Unfortunately, there are innocent faithful and trust worthy wives who are being victims of unfathfulness.. When you trace the problem, it is only unfaithfullness and nothing else. Studies shows that matured man with money are spreading the killer disease since they can afford the money and luxury of life for pleasure.

Frankly, unfaithfullness is the root of the deadly virus. Considering this, what can be done with this issue is head cracking thing. However, the Aids Council has the backing of the government so I would suggest that the Aids Council draft a legislation that will prohibit married man or woman from having extra-maritual affairs. Should a party be found guilty, he/she must be sentenced for 2 to 5 years irrespective of your age, status (community or family)and contribution to the state. It is only the laws that can discipline and establish a society and save PNG from this killer.

The onus is now on the Aids council to draft laws to control the populace on hiv matters. What are they doing with the funds and the survey or reports from their surveys...Come on, AIDS Council, get real and draft laws for the society to protect once and for all. It is time now to be creative.

There are more areas to discuss with this issue of extra-maritual affairs and also to stop the influx but this should be enough for now..


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