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Re: ICT Policy and Mobile Competition

August 14 2007 at 12:52 PM
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we have waited for a week for you to post this ICT Policy. If you cannot grab hold of a copy, where the hell did you get the information that you first posted?


The National (14 August 2007)
Business Mobile phone users now 315,000

DIGICEL'S entry into the market has raised the mobile phone usage in the country by 69% over the past three weeks, making it one of the fastest-growing networks in the Asia Pacific.
Prior to Digicel's entry three weeks ago, there were only 160,000 mobile phone users. This has now doubled to an estimated 315,000, according to assessment by the business community.
Eleven private key business groups, including the Business Council of PNG, PNG Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Employers Federation of PNG and the PNG Chambers of Mines and Petroleum, have taken up full-page advertisement to warn against hasty adoption of the Government's information communication and technology (ICT) policy.
They claimed the proposed ICT policy will make Telikom a “more dominant” and “possibly richer government entity” while the delivery of critical infrastructure and services to the business community, the public service, rural sector and individuals is yet unknown.
The group raised concern of the policy's impact on PNG's economy should the government adopt it in its current form.
The Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) has also had some objections to new ICT policy.
Subsequently, ICCC had gone into consultation with an inter-departmental taskforce chaired by the Secretary for State and Enterprise to identify certain irregularities and legal impediments in the NEC decision to void the mobile phone licenses following the amended ICT policy.
In recent months, mobile phone penetration in the country had gradually increased with Telikom recently announcing that demand for SIM cards that used to be 10,000 pieces a month had jumped to 50,000.
While its competitor Digicel, within a space of one week marking its launch date last month, collected over 20,000 customers with that number likely to have gone up in recent weeks.

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