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Re: Need to review education reform urgently

March 5 2009 at 9:20 AM
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Response to Need to review education reform urgently

OBE should not be implemented

I SUPPORT the letter by Kali Walu OBE to suppress our future generation? (The National, Feb 24).
The writer articulated the on-going debate on OBE very well.
Parents and intellects are critical over the reform.

The colonial days are over and this is not the time for us to simply nod our heads when the master commands us to do something, whether it is good or bad.
One thing about us is that we tend to kowtow to whatever foreigners tell us to do.
They do not know what strategy or curriculum works best in our country.
They do not have sufficient knowledge or information about our cultures and traditions are linked to education.
A foreigner must live in PNG for more than 10 years before he or she can understand how PNG governs its affairs.
This is because our cultures and traditions are so complex.
The former education concept was all right.
There was nothing wrong with it.
Many have excelled and are now professionals and compete with their peers around the world.
We must use the expertise of these Papua New Guineans to evaluate the OBE curriculum and make comparison with the former.
I also urge consultants or researchers involved in the development of our curriculum to provide sufficient information to the public on how OBE can produce desirable impacts on our childrens learning and the subsequent effect on our human resource in the future.
Foreigners see opportunities in developing countries to do research on particular areas in the education sector and publish their work just to get a qualification.
Our debate about the OBE is obvious and that,
as a developing nation, we do not need it.
The secretary and his officers in the Education Department cannot deny the new curriculum is ineffective.
Even the secretarys argument in a recent letter was shallow and lacks sufficient information and figures to back his case.
In my opinion, OBE was introduced to suppress the thinking capabilities of all Papua New Guineans.
We are in a critical state today and needed technical expertise like engineers, doctors, pilots, captains and technicians to develop the country.
So, what good is OBE going to offer when the curriculum totally disregards mathematics and science?
These two subjects are prerequisite for the development of technical expertise in every developing country.
I urge the Education Department to stop the implementation of OBE before it spoils our human resource development.

Michael Drake Kapu

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